22 September 2010

The Benefits of a Personal Organiser..

I came across this blog post today that I thought it worth sharing with you.

I loved the paragraph at the end of the article:
Your personal organiser won’t go off in a meeting, it won’t run out of battery and it doesn’t take any time to load! For an instantaneous tool to keeping organised you really can’t beat the paper-based personal organiser.
So very true... some of which we have said before on here!

Other articles on the same site also worth reading:


  1. Thanks Steve! Great lunch hour reading! Fall arrives 11:09pm tonight EDT! Are we all marking in our filofaxes?!!

  2. STeve thanks for these! I always love reading about the value of using a planner/ organizer. One of the millions of things I love about a paper diary is that it doesn't beep, especially in public!! I always feel for those people who are frantically searching through their bag to shut off their beeping device during a meeting or performance.

  3. ...or have "sync issues" as a certain calendar that rhymes with 'Schmoogle' occasionally does.

    I never open my planner and find the pages suddenly and inexplicably blank...

  4. I enjoy having my iPad and iPhone but nothing can replace my trusty filofaxes. Plus they are so customisable so suit my needs exactly and I love all the various sizes and colours :-)

  5. Thanks, Steve. Great reminder of the value of our personal planners.

    I'm reading a reading a book titled "Hamlet's Blackberry." It's a great reminder as to why using a paper planner can help keep back the shallowness that invades our lives through portable electronic devices.


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