23 September 2010

Reader Request: Can you help?

We received a message from one of our readers by the name of Helen, she asks:
I have a question I was wondering if you or the blog readers might be able to help with?

I've managed to convert a friend to Filofaxes, yay! She has Type 1 diabetes, and she'd like to use it to record her blood glucose readings. She was going to make her own pages, and I told her about the computer paper, but I was wondering if anyone has done this before. Do you know if anyone has made any templates for this that she might be able to use? She uses a pocket sized filofax.

Thanks for your help!
I had a quick look through the archive on DiY Planner which has a few templates, but nothing I could see for the pocket size Filofax.

Can you help? If you can please comment/email us, particularly if you have a template of your own so we can pass it on and/or share it on the site.

Many thanks


  1. What does she need a template for? A blank sheet is absolutely sufficient to write down her parameters. Why so complicated?

  2. I know daytimer makes a diabetes management organizer. Perhaps the pages could fit somehow? Or at least give you an idea for a template to use with Filofax pocket computer paper.

    BTW...What does she need a template for? B/C templates are cool and that's what we are all here for! People shouldn't post before they've had their coffee.