23 September 2010

Australian Filofax

In this mornings mail was an email about a company in Australia that sell their own brand of Filofax refills, but on closer inspection of their website they also sell their own personal binders in local 'leather' including kangaroo (don't tell the children!)

Based in Sydney, they have been in business since 1989 and they have grown despite not really advertising their products that heavily.

Their refills are fairly standard in terms of style and format but they do obviously include the national holidays and school terms for Australia in them. They are all appear to be nicely typeset and produced in Australia.

Poco sell organisers and refills for Personal and Pocket size as well as accessories, note all prices are in Australian Dollars. They can ship internationally but at a cost of course. They also include non-animal skin covers as well. They appear to have quite a loyal following in Australia.

Take a look at their website and their on-line shop

If you fancy on of their refills The Shopping Sherpa have one to give away see their blog post.

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