28 September 2010

My Urban Filofax Thanks To Oni!!

Here is my new personal size Urban!

Many, MANY thanks to Oni for grabbing this for me!  For more than I year I've been longing for an Urban, gazing forlornly at photos on Flickr and the Filofax website.  I didn't have a decent excuse for buying another Filofax, so I decided to wait.

But then I discovered the Urban is being discontinued!  Cue panic buying!!

This happened soon before I moved, so if I ordered from the US website it wouldn't have time to reach me before I moved to the UK.  But I worried that by the time I got settled in my new place, an Urban would be impossible to find.  Ack!

Oni VERY kindly searched for a personal Urban for me, and to my delight she found one!  She held it for me until I got my bank sorted out (which took an excruciatingly long time!) and then sent it to me.  Thanks so much Oni!!

I love the secretarial pocket inside the front cover, and the zip pocket on the outside back cover.  This will make a perfect travel Filofax!

I love the Slate color.  The interior tab dividers have contrasting colors that look really sharp in this binder.

Also included are a world map (as we all know I love maps in my Filofax!):

A clear ruler divider, open-top clear pocket, and notepad in the back.

Also there are a few pages of colored paper:

I'm so happy with my Urban!  Thanks again Oni!!


  1. Laurie:
    You're welcome!!
    It was no problem, really!
    I actually enjoyed having a 'quest', and it was quite gratifying when I saw it on the shelf at the store...I really couldn't believe I had finally found it for you!
    And as I mentioned to you before, if you need me to go hunting for you again, let me know ;)

    As for the Urban itself, you are right: it makes the PERFECT travel planner, it's as if it had been conceived with that specific purpose.
    I hope you'll soon get to try yours out, and enjoy it to the fullest :)
    BTW, his younger cousins(my Pocket and Mini) send their love and wish him great adventures :P

  2. It's gorgeous! Sigh!.. So glad I found you all.... my Fellow Filo Fanatics!

  3. That is a GORGEOUS filofax.... LOVE IT!

  4. I love the colorful dividers. Yes, this would make a great travel filo. Enjoy.

  5. I hope this is helpful rather than irritating - but I've often seen the Urban in mini, pocket and personal in TKMaxx (in the UK) in recent months. If anyone is still hunting, you might be able to grab a bargain!

  6. Definitely helpful, thanks Cathryn!! Filofax bargain tips are always welcome! :)

  7. Just to say the domino snake is (natch) being discontinued once it is out of stock. The A5 size has sold out already but they have some personal sizes left. If there is anyone sitting on the fence about one of these beauties,maybe now is the time to react! Once they are gone the are gone!

  8. Oh my gosh that was fast!!! Didn't they just introduce these less than a year ago?? I know the A5 Domino snake was just released in April!

  9. I have a purple leather Malden. It has a couple of places on it. Any suggestions?


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