24 September 2010

Free For All Friday No. 97

Happy Equinox everybody!  Yesterday was the day when all of us had 12 hours of daylight and 12 of night.  Now for those of us in the northern hemisphere our days will get shorter and shorter, until the winter solstice in December.  For those of you Down Under, you are enjoying spring and longer days!

My Filofax diary pages do not have the solstices and equinoxes printed on the day spaces, and I wish they did.  Does anybody else wish this too?

As always on Friday, the floor is yours to discuss anything Filofax-related!


  1. Just thought I'd point this Filo-related blog post out. http://theglamourousgradstudent.blogspot.com/2010/09/glamourizing-filofax.html

    What a brilliant idea!

    In other Filo related news, I've ordered a Raspberry and Amber Metropol Personal sized Filofax. I see that the Amber is no longer stocked by Filofax and I'm glad to have been able to get my hands on one for a discount no less! I've been hooked on the personal sized since I ordered my Raspberry Finsbury about a few months ago.

    The Raspbery Finsbury will remain my main Filo. I plan to use the Amber Metropol for storage and will alternate between the Raspberry Finsbury and Metropol for daily use.

  2. Also received a new member to my Filofax family today: Personal Kendal in brown. It's absolutely divine! It has the strongest most delicious leather smell I've ever experienced with leather filofaxes. Reminds me of the saddle rooms of horse ranches ...

  3. Thought of the day....

    Are zipped Filofax Organisers slower... ??

    Well you have to consider the extra time they take to 'boot up' or the time it takes to unzip them compared to flipping a snapper.


  4. Jotje, where do you put all those filos!!! That's what I want to know! ;-)..
    Laurie, I agree - I would LOVE to have the solstices and equinoxes printed on the day spaces! I love this season and plan to celebrate every day by making some lists in my filo of things I want to do. I made my Christmas list the other day and the Filofax Pocket Eton is on it - just worried about the calendary. www.Filofax.UK says it comes with the 2010-2011 calendar but the US site and Goldspot quote the 2010-2011. Not fair I have to pay extra for the coming year's calendar.

  5. I would love to have a diary with almanac information (sun rise and set times especially), but sadly, it's too region specific to be available off the shelf. And as much as I want it, I dont want it bad enough to print it myself.

  6. Steve: I think so. I'm likely to reach for my binder if I know I have to take the extra second and a half to unzip it.

    While a Cuban personal is my working Filo, the current sweetheart in my collection is an A5 Kensington. One simple snap and PLOP, it's laying flat on the desk.

    I prefer simple (or no) closures. I think the domino is pure genuius, a design that could be improved only by making the band removable (and offering it in leather).

  7. Which makes my slimline the fastest of the bunch.. it has no closure.. you just open it.....

    Regarding your Almanac request Judith I will do a bit of research. I'm sure I can find a website somewhere, that once you have put in the location information it can come up with a table of sun rise/set times for each day of the year/month etc....

  8. Found it... take a look at:


    You can input your location details, start and finish dates etc and it produces a table which you can print out and add to your Filofax.

    I have been wanting this for ages for my Photography Filo, so I know when and where the Sun is going to be on any particular day...

  9. I have finally found my Filo-Family!!
    After years of believing that I must be 'the only one' with this strange (but wonderful) predisposition towards dairies/calendars and (fountain) pens in general but Filofaxes in particular, I feel right at home! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I LOVE Philofaxy and check it daily, together with Plannerisms and Flickr......
    A quick introduction: I own 4 A5, 5 Personal and 4 Pocket Filofaxes. My first Personal I bought around 1989. The latest addition to the family is the red Malden Personal, and I love it to bits. The super soft and bendy leather is just DELICIOUS. I got it only last week as I could not resist the sweet temptation of Flickr. In the past I have used FC and Success, but I always keep coming back to Filofax...
    Oh dear, I have taken up so much space, and all I wanted to say was: fantastic blog - thank you!

  10. Nickynic: welcome, and which models do you own? A list, please, to humor us!

  11. Re the zipped planners, I carry a zipped pocket Durham which I love. The zipper is so smooth and short that I don't notice any extra time to zip it open. And whatever extra it takes is worth it to know I can stick some loose items in and not worry about them falling out. On the other hand, I just returned a larger size zipped planner because the zipper was NOT smooth and was much longer, and I could imagine becoming frustrated at the time and effort to open and close it.

  12. Welcome nickynic!

    Re: the zipped binder. I used a zipped Filofax-like binder for several years, and I did like the security. But for me now, no matter what the closure type, I must be able to open it with one hand (like when I'm on the phone etc.) If it requires both hands to open, that's a deal-breaker for my most-used Filofax. I find I have to use two hands to undo the elastic on my Domino binders, but I don't use those as in-action Filofaxes, they are reference.

  13. Steve, it was JJ not me who asked about the Almanac LOL

    Michele: the A5 work filo is always sitting on mijn desk next to my pc, the recipes Filo is on the kitchen shelf, the mini is in my handbag for 90% of the time (the other 10% I'm actually holding it in my hand ;-)), all the others have a designated shelf in my home office. The storage/archives ones are in a hardboard Ikea box - out of sight).

    @nickynic: welcome, and please show us your Filo's with names and uses on Flickr!!!

  14. Opps sorry so it was! Having a senior moment there...

    I didn't realise I would start a real active debate when I posted my slightly tongue in cheek thought of the day about zip up binders!

    But all the comments are absolutely true of course. I hadn't thought about the two handed issue... good one Laurie!


  15. Steve that sun-moon calculator is amazing!! I've printed it out for the whole year. I discovered that on the solstice in December I can expect the sun to rise at 8 am and set at 3:30 pm! And on the solstice in June I can look forward to sunrise at 3 am and sunset after 1am!!

    I love the North.

  16. Jotje. I am glad you like your Kendal. I have an A5 ( gift from bro in law) and although it was bought in 2006 the leather still looks so good! I will have to post pics of how DH modified it to use.

  17. nickynic welcome to the family
    :-) I love my Filofaxes and also blog about them although I try to disguise a bit with fashion, academia and science. I LOVE philofaxy and plannerisms!!! Yay!! For such wonderful blogs. Now that I have 'come out' other colleagues are also expressing their interest too which reminds me .......someone wanted to know what type of filo they had as it was also missing the name so I will email pics.

  18. Thank you all - I feel the love!! :-)
    Today, I played around @ Flickr and uploaded a few pics. Apparently it takes a few days until the upload can be found. Search for filofax from 'nickynicsg' (that's me!). I'm new to the whole thing, so hopefully I got it right!!! If my attempt proves successful I may upload some more later.

    @Jotje: I tend to use only one Filo at a time. Which breaks my hart for the jobless ones..... I love reading about how you and others use their Filo's. It leaves me totally inspired and on a mission to assign duties to the unused ones. I love the idea of an A5 for kids/school!

    @Petra, my Filo's:
    A5: a mint Cross, a vintage pink Finchley, a pink zipped Finsbury and a purple Finsbury.
    Personal: a tan and a purple Cross, a raspberry Chameleon, an aqua Finchley, a red Malden, and a green ?? - doesn't have a name printed inside front cover..
    Pocket: a tan Cross, an orange and pink Finsbury and last but not least: a Songbird.

  19. Hi Nicky
    What you might like to do on Flickr is to join the Philofaxy group and add your photos to the group. Also tag your photos with 'Filofax' You can do this in batch mode so it shouldn't take you too long...

    Oh and welcome....


  20. Nicky has encouraged me to post too!

    I have been reading Philofaxy for over a year but only posted a few times.

    I have mostly A5s (three Dominos, a brown Amazona, a black Metropol and an orange Finsbury) and Personal (3 Modes in various colourways, 2 brown Belmonts). I have a Teal Baroque Mini for when I travel. Non-Filofax-wise I have Mulberry Agenda, mainly because I love Mulberry handbags.

    Hello everyone *waves*


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