24 September 2010

Sun Rise and Sun Set Times

We have been 'commenting' about this a lot this week because it is the Equinox although it will depend on your location as to the actual day of the Equinox.

Obviously Sun Rise and Sun Set times are dependent on your location on the globe and your height above ground if you happen to live in a high rise building! I looked for a simple site to calculate these times about 6 months ago, quite a lot of sites will display the times on the webpage... but I wanted something I could put in my Filofax for my photography.

Judith (Jotje) reminded me again this morning, so off I went a Googling and I discovered this site:


If you are photographer and I'm a keen amateur one... then the position of the sun is critical, this applies to Film and Digital... so this calculator is excellent. I've just printed off the Sun Rise and Sunset Times for my town here in France for the whole year, booklet printed they fit in to my A5 Filofax nicely.

If I want a particular month then I've managed to print to PDF then rescale it to fit in my photography Filofax (personal slimline).

The photograph is one of mine taken at sun set one evening this week, I love having such a beautiful view to photograph any day I want to, I never tire of standing there watching the scene change at different times of year or day.

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