03 February 2011

Changing your set-up

There's always a danger when you change your Filofax system that something won't quite work as you thought it would.

I've been using my A4 as my desk planner since Christmas, along with my Pocket as my wallet and carry around Filofax, I have to sync both together on a regular basis. But I'm used to doing this. Previously my A5 was my desk planner.

However, as you might have suspected the A4 is great on your desk, but you aren't likely to want to carry it around, even around the house. With my A5 I would keep To-Do lists in it that I was only using at home, so it wasn't a big problem to take it upstairs or to the bedroom if I was putting together my next clothing shopping list, or putting together some notes on reprogramming something.  So far I've not really used the A4 for To-Do lists, it really is too big, but it's great as a desk planner, clear and plenty of space for the busiest of days.

With my Pocket, my To-Do lists tend to be things for me to do or remember to buy when I'm out and about, so the two sets of lists are never totally in sync there might be odd items that are duplicated. If I transfer an item from one list to another I tick it off as completed on the origin list.

So this week I came up with an idea to bring my Finsbury Personal Slimline back in to regular use as my at home notebook and To-Do list. It still has my photographic notes in the back so it gets tucked in to my camera bag when we are out photographing houses. The majority of the time it sits comfortably next to the A4 on my desk and the two are working well in tandem.

The Slimline as I discovered will hold between 100-120 pages, so there is plenty of space for a great range of notes and lists etc.


  1. what a great post... now me thinks I need an A4!!!

    Very useful info on here.. and it makes sense to me.

    Love Jo

  2. I think I have now changed/tweaked my filofaxes at work and home about seven times in seven days and it's still not quite right... I think this weekend I will have to do a what/where session and sort it all out!
    I have moved the diary towards the back, as writing on the LHS this early in the year when the diary is at the front is a bit tricky... That's working well. I think I saw that tip on here somewhere!

  3. Oh that is a good tip @Amanda. I have mine at the front and find I have to take the page out if I need to write something close to the ring on the LHS. Still waiting for my Finchley :)

  4. @Chloe
    Oh it's not my idea!! I saw it on here (somewhere...) and thought it was a really sensible thing and it's working well for me. By the end of the year I will probably swap the diary back to the front.

    [the post was about someone's filofax and how it was organised and Steve (I think) asked why the diary was in the middle and they said it made it easier to write in and the diary was used more than the notes]

  5. Ha ha - found the post! It was Jess' Domino snake set-up:

    Smart cookie Jess!


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