10 October 2013

No notepad pocket, no problem

When I previously owned a personal Malden, I really liked being able to keep a notepad at the back to write on. It's quick and easy, and I really like not having the rings in the way. However, my Ascot doesn't have a notepad pocket and has a full length gusseted one instead.

Even when using my Malden, I found that sometimes a whole notepad could be too bulky if my binder was quite full. So, I sat down to figure out the easiest way to keep some paper at the back without it being on the rings.

Here's what I came up with:

As the pocket is gusseted it doesn't lie flat, so it's possible to attach a clip at the top to some paper. I've also used an old divider to create a better surface to write on. This little smiley paperclip (it's an OHTO smile slide clip) works great as it won't move around and is nice and flat. And I love his smile :)

I started to use this little trick whilst still in my Malden, as I own more lined paper and wanted to use it up rather than buying more notepads. It's working really well in my Ascot and I really prefer writing with the rings out of the way.


  1. I've been doing just this for some time now. I have a clippie slide paper clip (very similar to what you use) to attach loose sheets of paper to the back of an old notepad, but my full length pocket isn't gusseted. Instead I just tuck it into the pocket and pull it out when I want to write.

    I trim and punch a lot of my own notepaper, and this solved my 'but I want notepads!' problem.

  2. Same problem here, but in a pocket Adelphi, which doesn't have a zipped pocket either. I bought a small spiral top notebook and slid the back cover inside a clear plastic pocket, which I keep right at the back of the Adelphi. It's great for quick notes, shopping lists, etc.

  3. Great tips here! I'd prefer to have a notepad at the back but none of my personal FFs have a notepad pocket. Anita, also thanks for the link to get that sweet smiley clip. :)

  4. That's great for righties.. I'm a southpaw and it's easier to just leave some notepaper in a clippie loose in the back of my Kensington (or Malden) and take it out to write on. Then I put it in my "Scribbles" section when I'm finished.

    If any lefties have a different solution, I'd love to hear it.

  5. I've been looking for a right bound notepad to tuck into the front pocket on my Personal Finsbury. I'm trying out your idea...thanks for the tip!

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  7. I have a different hack which came out of my need to use a notepad, no loose leaves within the binder, but retaining the ability to keep the notepad within the Filofax securely. I was planning to expand on that in an overdue post for Philofaxy on using an FF as a frequent business traveller, but I will try to throw something together to show the hack. For SF, it should also work for Lefties. Or Southpaws, as you so excellently highlight. I will try to get some pics an en explanation to Steve.