14 October 2013

London Writing Equipment Show 2013

Myke from The Pen Addict podcast went along to his first pen show in London a couple of weeks ago, he described the show and his thoughts on the pod cast. Pen shows are also popular in the USA and no doubt elsewhere too.

There are pictures on the 'Vertical Paper' blog. Listen to the Pen Addict podcast here.

Can you imagine a show like this, but for planners? Walk in to a room with tables laid out with all different makes and sizes of organisers and bound planners? Other tables and racks filled with inserts and dividers, it would be like Etsy and Philofaxy and My Life All in One Place all in one large room with people wandering around looking and buying?

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  1. I am aware that I am likely to dream about this and be very disappointed when I wake up and realise It isn't true...