18 October 2013

Free for All Friday No. 257

Filofaxes are known for their rings, but almost every model has one or more pockets inside the covers. Most of the time, I like an organizer with a zippered pocket in the back and credit card slots in the front. Some pockets can hold a slim pad or notebook, giving you more notetaking options, which can be a wonderful thing.

What do you keep in your pockets? What kind of pockets make or break an organizer for you?

Of course, since it's Friday, feel free to talk about coat pockets, hip pockets, jacket pockets...Hot Pockets...whatever you like!


  1. Timely subject as yesterday my Black/ Orange Gillio Compagna arrived ( and yes, it is a thing of stupendous beauty). My spurious justification for its purchase ( beyong calming the wanty fever) as that I would separate my journal from my reading lists ( currently in an osterley) and create a proper reading journal. I shall delight in doing just that but then I looked at the gorgeous pockets...what to keep in them beyond the usual post it notes? I don't even have a library card to put in the slots although my old style Kindle fits in there well. Those of you who keep book -o- faxes or such like termed reading filofaxes,what are in your book related pockets?

  2. Filofax UK are having a sale on their website. 20% off all full-price organisers until midnight 20 October. Code is SPECIAL20 . I thought in the spirit of enabling I should share :)

  3. Good morning

    I've asked here a few weeks ago for your suggestions for a present for my 11 year old daughter Aisha. I wanted to give you an update on how the present was received.

    I bought her a Malden Pocket in Aqua colour and filled it with
    - 2 transparent flyleafes and a top opening pocket filled with stamps
    - 6 cotton cream dividers
    - contemporary coloured notepaper
    - to do lists
    - week-on-two-pages diary
    - Qimmis year planner for 2014 and 2015
    - some inserts from the Travel Journal Pack (map, where on aerth, travel games etc)
    - two "today"-markers

    Together with the Filofax I gave her a load of stickers, bookmarks and three Frixion pens in different colours. (she's already adopted a colour scheme by now)

    Aisha is very happy with it, uses it all the time and it's with her wherever she goes. On the first two or three note pages I wrote a letter to her in which I pointed out some Filofax related websites.


    I think I hit the nail right on the head with this present. Thank you!

    Kind regards,

    1. What a fantastic present! I would've been over the moon if someone had given me that at age 11 :)

  4. That sounds like a lovely gift.. Not only the actual products but the gift of encouraging and teaching a 11 year old to enjoy planning her life!

  5. My pockets mostly hold party invitations.

    Lest you think I'm really popular, they are all for my 5 and 7 year old. :)-

  6. I have sheets of stickers and some stamps in mine.

    Update on damaged pocket Malden - the seller is replacing it and reimbursing return postage costs to me. They did advise I should be careful opening the popper fastening, as sharp finger nails can mark the leather, implying I'd marked the leather. I politely thanked them for the advice but as my nails are chewed right down, I don't think this will be an issue.

  7. I have setup a Pocket Malden as a film photography data guide/log book and keep a circular slide rule in the left hand pocket, comes in handy for mult/div calcs in the darkroom. Seems in keeping with the "analogue" style of a Filofax as well. Circ slide rules aren't a common item so if you want to know what it looks like there is a pic (not mine but same type) here:


  8. I have to admit that my pockets are usually either empty, or stuffed with stickers and post-its etc that I will never use... However, since getting my Gillio I can't stop using the huge pocket that runs like a wallet pocket all the way across the back - it is amazing!!!

  9. Good question about the pockets! This is what I found, in order:
    Several varieties of sticky notes
    Prestamped envelopes
    Christian tracts for evangelism
    Awesome yellow Day Timer self-stick hotlists
    More tracts
    First draft for an article I'm trying to write on the National Day of Prayer
    My Franklin Covey Satellite.
    Pretty full o' stuff. Remember, "Stay organized--stay alert."

  10. Hmmm pockets....

    Frequently used debit cards plus Tesco card in the front, along with business cards, train tickets for future business trips, postage stamps and Caffè Nero card (yes I know I have a problem!)

    Back pocket - just Tesco money-off vouchers i'm afraid....

  11. My FC classic as a secretarial pocket in the front where I stash a monthly report paper, convenient when I need it quickly and the bottom pocket has mini post its to leave messages or notes for others. My personal Holborn is a wallet/food journal/A-Z filing cabinet and the four vertical pockets have cash (food, automobile, clothing, personal expenses) and cards in all the holders, but I don't use the zippered pocket very often. Once I put a loose key in there and one time I popped my scan disk in there.

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  13. Holborn pockets: cash and coupons in the front vertical pockets; credit cards and stickies in the card slots; customs declarations and stamps from anywhere overseas (I think they're really cool looking; I have a royal mail one that is awesome) in the back vertical pockets and a treasured picture of Garfield, my grandson'sbeloved raggedy stuffed cat). So much room!

  14. I am trying to find the clear stamp sheet that I have seen some people use for stamping in their Filofaxes...it has a To Do list, a Birthday stamp and other useful phrases. Does anyone know who makes it, or where I can find one. I looked on ebay but without a bit more info I could spend the next few years going through the thousands of scrapbook ing items. Thanks for any help.

    1. Studio L2E makes the set I think you are referring to. Google it and it is sold thru the website.

    2. I think MochiThings had one too.

    3. Karen and Gerti - thank you for your suggestions.
      L2E do indeed have the set(s) I am looking for and I LOVE the MochiThings site...

  15. I prefer the pen holder on the opposite side of the zip pocket as it drives me nuts when it gets in the way. I like my Cavendish because it has credit card pockets, secretarial pocket and zip pocket on exterior. I would love a leather version of the Ranger in a very soft flexible leather. I just love the gusseted outside pocket on the Ranger but I do not like the non leather material. To me it would be the perfect planner wallet combo. I would drop the half height mesh pocket and make it a full height leather pocket in back like the Malden. I would also keep the back external pocket. It's such a neat binder and I really wish it were leather. As far as what I keep in the various pockets it just depends but mostly stamps, change, post it's, receipts, flags, a few stickers. It drives me nuts that business cards do not fit in the credit card pockets on the binder.

  16. My slimline planner is my wallet, so the full-length pocket in the back is for money and the pockets in the front are where I put receipts. Another front pocket has my driving stuff (license, ownership & insurance). All my cards (credit, loyalty, etc.) are in a Malden card wallet.

  17. I just had a quick check through the pockets of my Ascot & I have a SD card for our camera, a post-it note with lots of stuff crossed off, a small feather, some index flags I haven't used yet & a £5 note. Very glad I had a look as I'd forgotten about the money in there!

    1. Finding money is always a nice surprise!