02 October 2013

Philofaxy London Meet Up - 27th/28th September 2013 - Part 2

So following on from the Friday evening, I woke reasonably early on Saturday morning.

People were still discussing the evening the following day, so it had certainly created quite a buzz amongst those attending.

A group of us were staying in the same hotel near Oxford Circus, so we had agreed a time to meet for breakfast, we found a small coffee shop/cafe a few hundred metres away and we sat and had breakfast and chatted about the previous night and out came various organisers again!

'Steve.... I thought you were on a diet? !!!!' 

We then took a long walk after all that food and went in search of Paperchase in Tottenham Court Road, my first visit there. It's a huge store spread over three floors. But we had enough time to scope out some stationery goodies.

We then joined the rest of the group for lunch in Vapianos in Great Portland Street, yes I know we have been there before, but for a party of this size (18 people) it is ideal.

Sophie and Paula
Kate, Jene, Christa
Margaret, Maria and Lindsay
Christina and Mella
The Gillio Sisters!

Mella with her Baroque she calls Obama!

And we created a 'stack' of organisers which is sort of a tradition of meet ups, no matter what on-lookers might think! Yes, there are two Temperleys in that stack... a Guinea and an Affair... <gulp>!!  But also quite a few Gillios

After lunch we all headed for Tottenham Court Road to shop in the Muji store and Paperchase (again!) Some people had to depart for their trains and flights. Mella had travelled from Antwerp, Christina from Hamburg! I stayed another couple of nights and travelled back to France on Monday.

This had been a great meet up, some interesting trends compared to earlier meet ups. This was the biggest gathering in terms of numbers of people we have brought together, so much so I'm still trying to remember who is who in some of the photos!

It was also the biggest gathering of Gillio organisers I had seen prior to the Antwerp meet up in November which I will be going to.

People were also showing their Midori, or other Travellers Notebooks - such a broad scope of interest in all non-electronic planner tools. If it used pen and paper then it was OK!

Thank you to everyone who came along to either of the events or supported us in some way or other. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. And again thank you to Filofax UK for all the work they put in to making the Friday evening even more special.


  1. I don't know if I'm drooling more over Steve's breakfast or all the gorgeous planners!? I think I'm hungry ;)

  2. Steve's breakfast could feed an African village.

    1. Looks like my breakfast, enjoyed several mornings per week. Only without bread (I´m allergic to grains) but I try to counterbalance that by adding sausages.

  3. If there was a "caveman diet", I´d hit that like a house on fiyah! I just love meat and eggs and they must love me right back. When I was living my dancing days, only one other dancer could out-meat me and nobody could figure that out just by looking at us, we were the thinnest of the lot.
    So yeah, this post made me smile and also, nice planners!

    1. There is a caveman diet, actually. Google Paleo Diet and get ready to be bombarded with dietary advice.

  4. Seeing that morning platter inspired me to pick up a cookbook of British Health Food recipes...actually it's a pamphlet. Haggis, anyone?

    1. On the haggis, I'll pass. ; )

      British are the police.
      French, the cooks.
      Germans, the mechanics.
      Italians, the lovers.
      Whole thing is organised by the Swiss. (using Filofaxes)

      British are the cooks.
      French, the mechanics.
      Germans, the police.
      Swiss, the lovers.
      Whole thing is organised by the Italians.

  5. I deeply resemble the above generalizations. Vot's wrong with good, German food? Vee have some of the best sausages in the world und our polizei are pretty good too. I agree that the Italianer is disorganised though.

  6. Herr Krapp, I have two points in rebuttal:

    1. Even your own Otto von Bismarck commented "Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made."
    2. I also own a German Health Food cookbook, it's an even THINNER pamphlet than the British one. It's called "The Best of the Wurst."

    I rest my case.

  7. I hate to spoil your fun chaps... but Paul I think is a French chain of restaurants... we certainly have them here in France and the bacon as seen on my plate is nothing like traditional English bacon and is very similar to what we buy in the supermarkets here in France...

    1. Confirmed it is a French company!!


    2. By Jove you're right. If anything that looks like Canadian Bacon actually, which in the U.S. we call "ham."

  8. Thanks for a fantastic write up of the meet up, Steve. Great to see so many attendees, & kudos to Mella & Christina for travelling so far.

  9. What a lovely group of people!! Please ID yourselves!!

  10. Oh I hope I get advance notice for 2014 - it will combine my dream of coming to England, and connecting with Filofax lovers. Please let us know. Looked like much fun!