26 October 2013

Web Finds - 26 October 2013

So here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. My Pen Test with Filofax Paper - My Purpley Life
  2. The Filofax Project: The Career Project - Finding Time 
  3. Travel planner per la mia filofax - Lucy Wonderland
  4. Qimmis Dayfiller inserts review - She's Ecletic
  5. My week round-up #42 - Paper Lovestory
  6. Welchen Kalender für 2014? (1): Jahres- und Monatsplaner - Filomaniac
  7. Getting started with GTD - GTD Times
  8. Making It Work - Plannerisms 
  9. Stockholm Filofax Mini Meet 23 October 2013 - This Bugs Life
  10. Filomaniac fragt... Simone - Filomaniac
  11. Post No. 3 for The Spiritual Project - This Bugs Life
  12. An Updated Look Inside My Filofax: Changes Galore - The Crazy Life of J
  13. How Fat is Your Planner? - Homemakers Daily
  14. The Elusive Filofax Charleston Part 2  - This Bugs Life
  15. Interview with Raine Boyd: Tiny Creative Chefs - My Life All in One Place
  16. Fantastic "27 Dresses/Filofax" Give-Away!! - We Didn't Really Need Another Filofax Blog
  17. Download a free NaNoWriMo tracker printable - My Life All in One Place
  18. Pick Me Up, Please! - Lime Tree Fruits
  19. Having monthly goals - Life of Kitty
  20. Tasks And Today Markers: How I Label And Bookmark My Planner - Giftie Etcetera
  21. How To Bond With Your Planner - Giftie Etcetera
  22. Post No. 3 for The Lifestyle Project - This Bugs Life
  23. Free For All Friday No. 7: Planner Love - Plannerisms
  24. Your Fall Planner: The Essential Fall Cleaning Checklist - Day Timer 
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Personal Malden Filofax Setup Update - Jordan Powers
  2. Update on pocket and personal Filofax - Crystal Charles
  3. Help! I'm in Filofax / Planner Meltdown - What to do? Arc planner ? making a switch... - Joanne DelBalso
  4. Filofax Halloween Decoration - W.43 - adamsfilo
  5. Filofax / Planner Meltdown update - Tracy Reinhardt
  6. An updated whats in my Filofax - Mits T
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  1. My doodle post didn't make it? Is the deadline Thursday, not Friday?

    1. Friday, but I had internet problems last night

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    3. Filofax Doodle as recipe book for Tiny Creative Chefs