09 October 2013

Making my own flyleaf

In the past, I've normally had the standard plastic flyleaf at the front of my binder with a nice picture or card behind it. However, I was thinking more recently, why not make a flyleaf with an image already in it? I realised that by placing two pictures back to back (one needs to be upside down) and laminating them, I get two different flyleaves in one!

Here's the first side.

And on the back, I have this.

I also have this one, which has a quote on the back.


  1. Anita, you totally stole that idea from Steve, didn't you?


    1. Haha, yes, it did look like that when the post was shared on Facebook :)

  2. I would love to do this! Where might I find these two flyleafs?

  3. Anita
    Once again a great post. I love the text and colours. Maldens WOW.

  4. Great idea! Also? I totally recognise Leonie's handiwork there! :)