30 October 2013

Manchester Meet Up

Well this last Saturday I travelled up to Manchester by train for a meet up with some Philofaxy fans. Sadly a few people couldn't make the meet up. But we still had a great time. Actually it proved you can have just as good a time with just three people as you can with a large group!

So it was all fairly relaxed and thank you to Emma and Tony for coming along. We met at the station and then had a quick tour of one of the shopping centres (malls) before going to lunch.

I had a gift card for Ryman, which I wanted to spend (it was burning a hole in my pocket!) so I bought a Cross fountain pen with it and I've been using it in my journal, it is quite light weight compared to my all metal Waterman, but it writes really nice.

We also had a look in TK Maxx and had a delve through their small number of Filofax organisers, they had A5 Luxes for less than £60, but no contents or boxes with them. So sold as seen really.

At lunch at Annies, which is a real hidden gem of a restaurant in Manchester we shared stories about our planners and organisers.

Tony produced his slimline classic which he wanted to know if it was possible to remove the ring mechanism.. So I took it a part whilst Tony watched with a slightly nervous look on his face... I then reassembled it back to fully functioning order!

I hadn't taken many organisers with me, but we shared them around the table and Emma produced not one but three Filofax Baroques!!

I promised not to reveal Emma's home address for fear of the baroque hunters descending on her at dawn!

For three of us we managed to build quite a reasonable size 'stack'

Yes as usual the other people in the restaurant looked on in amusement. But we caught the eye of one of the staff, who came up and asked us about what they were. She was given a very quick tour of a typical Filofax and was asking where she could buy one from. She left with a Philofaxy card as well!

After lunch we continued our tour of the shops. Paperchase was next on our list. And Emma spotted a real bargain in there, a pocket size ochre Malden complete with 2014 diary inserts etc for about £25. As well as the current range of models, I also spotted an A5 Finchley in Imperial Purple and a few other older ones.

On our way back to the station Tony showed us a great art and crafts supply shop Fred Aldous, it was full of things. A great selection of pens too.

Once again thank you to Emma and Tony for coming a long it was an enjoyable day.


  1. So sorry I could not book a place on the meet up. I had already booked that day for something else. For anyone living in Manchester the Home Sense store (which is right next door to British Homestore) has started selling a big selection of filofaxes at a very low price.x

  2. OMG!!! I want an A5 Imperial purple Finchley!!

  3. Hi Steve could you do a video on removing and putting back of a ring mechanism.

  4. I cannot believe how many filos you all had for just the three of you, he he, thats great. Looks like you had a great time. Dorset needs a meet up now lol :)

  5. So jealous that you Filopeople get to have these meetups. Wish there were an equivalent event for those of us who've drank the Franklin Covey kool-aid! I'd be all over that.

  6. Yes - good food, good company, and shopping! The bargain pocket Malden is lush! I'd certainly go to another meet-up, or even organise a mini-meet here in Huddersfield - Whetherspoons and TKMaxx anyone?? Lol! Huge thanks to Steve and Tony for a lovely day :)

  7. Steve - I love fountain pens...I know, old school, and am curious as to which Cross fountain pen you purchased.


    1. It is a Cross Aventura, not an expensive one by any means!

  8. Many thanks to Steve and Emma we had a great day on Saturday good company and good food.. Emma's pocket Malden was the Buy of The Day. Filo's at very low prices mmm, must try and get into Home Sense Store.

  9. Yes the dismantling and re assembling of my Slimline Classic was very interesting. I must admit that I had every confidence in Steve who must have done this type of thing many times. Although the task is not for the inexperienced.

  10. That's a great deal on the Pocket Malden!