11 October 2013

Philofaxy Meet Up - Bluewater, Kent - 30th October 2013

Following a very brief discussion in one of the Facebook groups this week, we quickly realised that there were going to be 3 of 4 of us within an hours drive of Bluewater Shopping Centre in north Kent, who would be able to meet up for lunch and may be some shopping afterwards.

So in order to publicise this meet up fully this post is to gather together a complete list of people interested in attending the meet up.

The date will be Wednesday 30th October, which is in the week I will be in UK. The time will be around mid-day, but as yet to be finalised.

Bluewater is fairly well served if you are coming by public transport or by car being close to the Dartford Crossing on the eastern side of the M25 east of London.

If you would like to attend the meet up. Please contact steve@philofaxy.com  and I will add you to the list of people and we will exchange details in the next week or so to finalise the arrangements for the 30th October.


  1. Oh I wish I wasn't at uni and living in scotland! I would love to come :( x

  2. Alas, won't be in London that week......