07 July 2014

Filofax France Catalogue 1991

OK, aujourd'hui, nous «visite» de France en 1991 et voit son catalogue à l'époque ...

To convert the prices to Euros you need to use the fixed rate of 6.55957 French francs for 1 Euro
The scans are also available in slightly higher resolution in this Flickr album.


  1. I love the video storyboard insert. I could have done with that years ago when I was in a creative design job.

  2. Awesome, this has just given me an approximate age of my Tejus \o/ Thank you!

  3. Your use of tenses in French is better than mine Steve!! *Must brush up my French grammar!!*

  4. I wish they still made all those inserts! Fun to see that, thank you!

  5. Another great insight into yesteryear! I have a used accessory kit which I knew little about until I spotted it on page 30, so thank-you Steve - this catalogue is very useful.


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