05 July 2014

Web Finds - 5 July 2014

I hope you had a good week? Time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet.

So here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. Stationery: Blog Planning with Filofax - Life of Kitty
  2. Month to view - Gill B
  3. Kikki K Berry Large Time Planner Review! - Filosophical
  4. Mehr Meet ups - Filomaniac
  5. To Do Pages - Roses in December
  6. It’s been a big week for Van Der Spek (VDS) - This Bug's Life
  7. Guest post over on Philofaxy - Paper Pens Ink
  8. Got myself a new Filofax - Just Eclectically
  9. Cambio di anelli sulle Filofax: si .. può .. fare! - Geek Spritz
  10. 100 like sulla pagina Facebook.. tempo di festeggiare! - YleCreations 
  11. Making My Own Planner Pages - Giftie Etcetera
  12. Unveiling the Charleston - Looking through a frosty window
  13. Planner dilemma! - A ska loving geek
  14. A Finsbury that was really a Holborn - Gills Place
  15. My Pocket Filofax set up as a Purse / Wallet - Filofax Friday - Mrs Brimbles
  16. Luglio, col bene che ti voglio... - Ylecreations
  17. Creating A5 Expense Pages - Filosophical
  18. Blooming Marvellous - Gills Place
  19. Fine Art Dashboard - Roses in December
  20. Filofax Swift & Matching Pen - Billie's Craft Room
  21. Morning / Day / Night Diary Inserts (A5) - Haushalts Survival Blog
  22. Seller's Remorse - Filosophical
  23. Well, Hello July! - OATTblog
  24. de Villiers update - Paper Pens Ink
  25. My brilliant idea for decorating planner pages: DIY photo stickers! - Zoe at Home
  26. New Dividers for My Kikki.K - Chic Paper Geek
  27. Filofax friday | july 2014 - I love it all
  28. Lifestyle: 2014 Resolutions Update - The Life & Loves of Ninegrandstudent
  29. Filofax: Planning On-The-Go - Crafty Island Girl
  30. Planner – 1st Look – DIYfish - The Peaceful Parent
  31. Anither Weeds'episode with Filifax in it! Season 8 episode 3 #blog - My Summer Touch
  32. Gillio’s summer store windows - Just Happy Me
  33. Updated Online Store Planner - Innocent+Twisted
  34. Filofax Friday: Basic Camping Checklist - Planning with Printed Portal
  35. Extra card space in a Mini - Gills Place
  36. Harry's Travels - This silly bee & revery
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Filofax Nappa Zipped Folio with Removable Rings Unboxing - MySummerTouch 
  2. Travel Series 2014: Planning with a Personal Filofax - Liz S
  3. Setup of my A5 Gillio Compagna in Purple - Ramblin' Mom
  4. A5 Fucshia Gillio Companga Set Up - Alice Photis
  5. Planner Updates: New Current Section and Foldout - Itsaplannerthing
  6. Yellow Kate Spade Agenda - Lola Karwowski
  7. Filofax Decoration w.27 featuring NEW StudioL2E Stamps! - adamsfilo
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