22 July 2014

Web Finds - 22 July 2014

I hope you had a good weekend? Time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet.

So here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. Its A Planner Thing: Planner Inserts - It's a Planner Thing
  2. You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two!?! - Kent from Oz
  3. My Budget Planner Setup! - OATTblog
  4. My Personal Filofax Set - Up - Organise your Life & Mind
  5. Colour coding in your Filofax - Joanny White
  6. Quanto tempo!! - YleCreations
  7. Cash envelope design for my Pennybridge wallet - PaperCutterz
  8. How to use a Planner to get Organised - The Peaceful Parent
  9. Design for Filofax - The Filofax Cover Story Competition - Mrs Brimbles
  10. How to Fit a Larger Tablet Into A Filofax - Realm
  11. July photo a day challenge - Designs from the Black Forest
  12. Overholing - (insert scream here)! - Kent from Oz
  13. Filofax Collection – A5 Filos - Stationery By Default
  14. Back in the A5 Arc… With a twist! - Addicted to Stationery
  15. Filofax Flex Smooth - YleCreations
  16. Filofax Friday - En Vogue Pogue
  17. Free printables that I used for my Personal Filofax - Organise your Life & Mind
  18. Why I’m Not a Filofax Person - Snowing Indoors
  19. Breaking up With Filofax - The Peaceful Parent
  20. WIP – Pennybridge wallet setup - PaperCutterz
  21. Planner FAQ - Organized Hobbit
  22. Filofax! - Age Challenged rQQzy
  23. "My Week" Links from Around the Web 7/21/14 - The Contemplative Belle
  24. Filofax Focus - Steve Morton
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Comparing the construction of the A5 Van der Spek organiser - Philofaxy
  2. Comparing the construction of the Standard size Van der Spek organiser - Philofaxy
  3. Moving to a Van Der Spek binder, and a Midori TN Journal! - Katebtps
  4. Filofax Decoration Walkthrough - adamsfilo
  5. Fly lady moveable inserts to track cleaning in your personal size Filofax - One Fantastic Find
  6. Filofax Week 28 Decoration Tutorial - Sugarpandax3
  7. Updated KateSpade planner setup July 2014 - Made with love crafter
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