09 July 2014

Some TLC and repair for the Ascot by Anita

As mentioned in my previous post about my recently acquired A5 Ascot, the condition was described as well loved by the seller. I do quite like binders that look lived in, but I did wonder if it might appreciate a little TLC before I properly settle in and start using it everyday.

It's not very obvious, but some of the stitching has started to come undone at the bottom of the left hand side below the zip.

I was aware of this at the time of purchase, but didn't consider it enough of a problem to pass up on such a beautiful filo. Initially I considered just leaving it as it is, but I think that it makes sense to fix any issues now before they worsen with use. I don't really have any experience of repairing a Filofax, so asked for some help here and was given some very helpful advice to take it to a cobblers for repair.

I dropped off the Ascot (feeling a little apprehensive, I admit) and it was ready to collect later that day. For the grand sum of £5, he had glued back some of the edge and restitched the rest. He did warn me that the stitching would go all the way through, but would match the thread colour as closely as possible to the leather.

I'm really impressed with the result and it doesn't look too much like Franken-binder! Yes, it may be on the front, but I've never been one for needing my Filofaxes to look pristine, so it's just a bit of added character.

And here's how it looks inside. I've since carefully snipped off the loose ends as they are from the original stitching, and he's done a great job of going over the area there.

Before I left, I picked up some nourishing shoe cream in a colour called bordeaux, which is a pretty good match.

The leather almost sighed in relief when I started to rub in a little of the shoe cream, like a plant that's been without water or hands that need moisturising badly. I took my time to add two coats and left the binder open, before coming back to polish it off later.

The faded areas and scuffs have now gone, the colour is more intense and I am absolutely loving the added shine.

What a day... surgery in the morning, followed by a rejuvenating facial in the afternoon and I think that the Ascot is looking fantastic.


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  2. Anita,
    Fabulous job! So, when my Kendal is decrepit, I'm sending it to you for a 'lift' and 'tuck'!

  3. Glad it worked out so well Anita. It looks very good.
    And it provides a nice instance of something still worth repairing in today's throwaway society.

  4. That looks gorgeous, nice job!

  5. Wow it's so pretty now. It was nice with the loved look to it but the facelift of sorts really makes it shine. I love the leather. Beautiful.

  6. Stunning job, it still looks "well loved" but gorgeous too .

  7. Nice job! Gorgeous colour 👍