14 July 2014

Van der Spek launches a new web-shop

Since we introduced you to the Van der Spek brand of organisers and the setting up of the Facebook group, the number of orders for the Van der Spek Custom range of organisers has been steadily increasing.

Previously the orders were all handled by email, but with the increased number of orders Petra Van der Spek decided that it was time to make the ordering process far more streamlined for customers.

So for the last few weeks Petra and her team of web wizards have been quietly working away behind the scenes to create a web shop that lets you choose colours and other options for a custom made organiser that once you have submitted your order will be produced at their own workshops in the Netherlands and shipped within 28 days, shipping can take up to 10 days depending where in the world you live.

Petra has also been working on expanding the number of options available following various requests on the Facebook group. These include:
  • Leather flyleaf's (for Junior Standard and A5 size);
  • Leather zipper case (for Junior Standard and A5 size);
  • 30 mm rings in their 'Standard' size (the same as Personal Filofax size); 
  • 2nd pen loops;
  • Ring protectors.
So go and check out the new Van der Spek web shop I think you might be pleasantly surprised.


  1. Wow!! How fantastic! And still a good price considering how much you can customise...

  2. Wonderful!! I hope they have opened a bottle of champagne or two in The Netherlands after hours,( non alcoholic of course for the drivers!!) to celebrate the catalogue launch. Quite a momentous moment. Congratulations!! xx

  3. What this family business has accomplished in the last few months has been monumental, and they have not missed a step. I am now the very happy owner of a few Van der Spek binders and they are everything and more than I expected from what I had read here on Philofaxy, their Facebook page and some other blogs. The web-shop will make it easier on at least one person who's been working very hard to process orders and keep customers happy. I wish them the very best and congrats on this latest addition to their very well-run business.


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