11 July 2014

Free For All Friday No. 295

As mentioned in the last Free For All Friday, we have now passed the mid point of the year and I realised that we haven't really thought about going on holiday yet. By this time, we've normally booked something and I've jotted down some ideas in my Malden as I've thought of them. I actually found that considering holidays helped me decide to give away the slimline De Villiers to Steve, which has since found its way to Amanda. I would love to have a slimline as my main binder, but it's just too minimal for me if I go away as I can't fit everything in, plus enough spare paper. I could easily regret giving away such a beautiful vintage binder, so I'm glad of the timing to help me understand better what size suits me the best.

Have you recently found that something like this has helped you make a decision about which planner or size is right for you?

And as it's Friday, please feel free to discuss anything Filofax or ring bound planner related.
Have a great weekend.


  1. I have not given away a nice binder because I have so few Filofax ones that I would probably miss it. One reason I decided to use a compact binder (Luxe) instead of a personal one is the smaller and slimmer size. During the summer I like lighter colors and medium size handbags. My compact Luxe fits more easily in my bags along with other items. I was using a Dayrunner week insert with times on the weekdays. I decided to white out the times since 9 am is too late for the start time, I thought my new nifty white out pen would be better than liquid paper. After a few pages of white out I knew that I could not use the pages. So I bought another insert that has lines and no times. I modified the layout and am pleased with the result. I had an extra 2014 insert for my A5 Boston and I placed white address labels over the dates at the top. Then I wrote the 2015 dates on the labels. I used my white out pen to erase the dates next to the days and wrote in the 2015 ones. I did this so that I won't have to buy an insert for next year. I think I will have to explore a different option for a calendar anyway.

  2. I have already found planner peace with my Durham FF and its huge 30mm rings. I fit in everything I need: recipes, to-do lists, office tasks, book list, my diary...
    It's quite heavy for being a personal but it doesn't really matter when you can carry all your world in it.

  3. Well guys, I am still completely in love with the de Villiers - thank you again Steve and Anita!! If it didn't have all the card slots I wouldn't love it because I wouldn't be able to fit in it, but so far it is working out perfectly!

  4. My lock-in for the A5-ish size was when the Day-Timer Malibu Desk binder in teal was restocked and came to me at considerable discount, which was a blessing in this time of financial downsizing that my family is experiencing. I had literally just finished up about a month of running the A5-ish and Personal sizes concurrently in separate binders and had concluded that the larger size was indeed my path to planner peace. I love using the Malibu so much that I am signed, sealed, delivered. :)

  5. ^ Those Day Timer Malibu binders are *so* nice--the leather is beautiful and soft.

  6. In Search Of .... Printable A to Z pages, not dividers, just want a cute printable with an A at the top, then the next page with B, and so on. I can make this, but wondered if anyone knew of something awesome. It's for the A to Z section (obviously!! ha!) of my Teacher organizer. TIA.


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