02 July 2014

Van der Spek new model announced

Van der Spek the small company in Holland that make some remarkable personal organisers have today announced some new models.

They have now given the option of ordering their 334 Standard model (Personal size) with 30 mm rings made by Krause. No other company that we know of at the moment makes an organiser with this size of ring mechanism in the personal size.

Van der Spek already offer their Custom models with 25 mm and 35 mm rings in A5 size.

They have also announced an even larger selection of different types of leather and colours to go with the huge range already available.

Details on pricing for the 30mm size version are as follows:

30mm rings in the 334 standard - Article 334B
  • € 136.00 excl. VAT/TAX
  • € 165.00 incl. VAT/TAX 
Prices are exclusive of shipping costs.

They also announced some new colours in Ostrich finish leather too.

For further details please see the Van der Spek website. There is also a Facebook group to help you make the purchasing decision!


  1. Seriously - I'm the first to comment??????????


    Were I not in love with my current binder and if I had a bit more money, this would be fabulous! (as long as it wasn't in that particular cover... I'm guessing that's just a sample/mock up though?)

    Lots of card slots, sensible pockets, GOOD QUALITY RINGS, and 30mm ring size as well. Surely there are legions out there who are as happy as very happy things???
    (so why no comments...?)

  2. Also surprised by no comments. So pleased to see this has become a reality!

  3. I posted one but it's not here.


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