26 July 2014

Web Finds - 26 July 2014

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I hope you had a good week? Time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet.

So here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. Wordless Wednesday - Anita Lim
  2. Van Der Spek Unboxing - The Peaceful Parent
  3. Planner Fatigue - Break of Light
  4. Tag . . . your it! - Kent from Oz - Filofaxuations
  5. 07.22.14 - My Finance Log (featuring my RAIKA planner) - Innocent + Twisted
  6. Filofax: Pimp My Filofax challenge. - Life of Kitty
  7. Die Filofax Photo-A-Day Challenge (3) - Filomaniac
  8. How to Use Your Daily Planner for Blogging - Homemakers Daily
  9. A5 going strong - Looking through a frosty window
  10. My Filofax Wishlist - Addicted to Stationery
  11. And they call it FILO-LOVE ♩♪♫♬ - Kent from Oz - Filofaxuations
  12. Moving Into My New Van Der Spek - The Peaceful Parent  
  13. Filofax Friday! - Filosophical
  14. A - Z List Section in Personal Filofax - Organise your Life & Mind
  15. Die Farbe des Jahres - Filomaniac
  16. It’s A Planner Thing: Recap of Virtual Planning Session - It's A Planner Thing
  17. Top Ten Fun Things You Can Do With Your Planner - The Storage Studio
  18. Prepping for the Month Ahead - The Peaceful Parent 
  19. Can't stand your to do lists in your Filofax, Midori, Smartphone? Here is the solution - My Summer Touch
  20. Jekyll and Hydewriting - Kent from Oz - Filofaxuations
  21. The Demise Of The Pen Has Been Greatly Exaggerated - The Pen Addict
  22. My current Malden setup - PaperCutterz
  23. Serendipity - GillB
  24. New Filofaxes {unboxing} - Filofax Friday - Mrs Brimbles
  25. How to Back Up Your Paper Planner - Strange and Charmed
  26. Color-Coding, Categories and Other Words That Begin With "C" - Modular Lifestyle Design
  27. Personalising your Filofax cover - Joanny White
  28. it's a filofax affair - being erica
  29. Filofax? What on Earth is a Filofax? - Well Planned Creativity
  30. Filofax Blogger Challenge! - Filosophical
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Malden Pocket Setup with DIYs - organised lifestyle
  2. DIYFish v2.2 in my FC Compact (Filofax, Day-Timer, Franklin Covey  - Life:Planned
  3. I have a planner- now what? Getting started with your new Filofax or other planner - Life:Planned
  4. Basic Budget Planner Setup - OATTblog 
  5. Decorating My Filofax - Summer Geometric Theme - My Purpley Life
  6. Filofax: University Set-Up as part of Pimp my Filofax. - Katie Louise Halsall
  7. Filofax Finsbury Setup - My Planner
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