30 July 2014

Filofax organiser as a wallet

Using your Filofax personal organiser as a wallet it seems is not exactly a new idea! One of our readers John B sent in the scans of a post card he has had since the 1990's. Unfortunately there's no date on the post card.

However I did some detective work on the company and they were around in the late 1920's
Ludgate Co of 76 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. Telephone: Edinburgh 25597. Cables: "Ludgate, Edinburgh"
1929 Advert as Loose Leaf Book Manufacturers. Also Postape, Scotia, Hanover and Lockfast Ledgers, Dunsol and Eclipse Thong Transfers. Pro. and Non-Projecting Post Binders. Prong, and Ring Binders, Memo, and Price Books. The "Aristocrat" of Loose Leaf Books. (Stationery Section - Stand No. R.106)
By 1942, they appear to have moved to a different address in Edinburgh.

Once again thank you to John B for sharing this with us.


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  2. Ahh!! I wonder if Fettes Row was , or is near the famous Fettes School, as in the Alma Mater of one Tony Blair. I expect many staff and students nipped into the shop on their way by. My dad went to Watsons in the 1940s and remembers going to school by tram. Funny to think they are back in Edinburgh now. He also told me that The Bass Rock, further out to sea, on the Forth, was stage set in a wooden cut out of a battleship, as the island was the right length and shape to camouflage up. Consequently, many of the German bombs were dropped on The Bass Rock, saving much bombing in Edinburgh itself!! Great idea and possibly, although I don't know for sure, saved our little shop. xx

  3. What a splendid piece of detective work....thank Steve!

  4. Isn't it marvellous to see such things as these? I must admit I would never have guessed that such "modern" innovation would be so old, as Steve has discovered. I hope we get to see many more posts like this, and the catalogues that Steve has scanned for us. Thank you.

  5. I enjoyed reading this while looking at my Classic Personal, fully in use as a modern wallet today. Card slots full, cash in the zip pocket. I've tried going back to a billfold or clip but always come back.

    1. Hear hear john - my Cavendish personal does exactly the same, and is one of the main reasons why I always come back to the FF Personal format.

  6. I have a Filofax 6CL1/2 with an identical pocket layout inside the front cover! The back pocket is different, but can be used to hold banknotes etc.

  7. Thank you for publishing the scan Steve, and for finding out the information about the firm. The original post-card is framed and has pride-of-place on my office wall.



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