30 July 2014

The result of the Van der Spek competition

Thank you for all your lovely entries and the messages you included with them! The competition was very well supported and you nearly all got the right answers too!

So we asked you the following questions:
  1. How many years has Van der Spek been active in the leather industry? 
  2. In which country are Van der Spek planners made? 
  3. What colour numbers of Nappa leather were used to make the Standard size Van der Spek organiser that was reviewed?
And the answers are: 
  1. More than 85 years, in fact I think it's 87 years and counting! 
  2. Netherlands although I accepted Holland as well.
  3. Nero (6235) on the outside and Acacia (6204) on the inside, straight from the review!
Each correct entry was numbered as they arrived and on Monday we used Random.org to pick the winner.........

And the winner is Barbara Simonds congratulations to Barbara and a big thank you to everyone at Van der Spek for supporting this great competition. 

After reading the reviews and you are still undecided about buying a Van der Spek organiser, please consider joining the Facebook group, you will find a wealth of information there as well as lots of photos of ones people have already ordered. Petra Van der Spek responds to lots of questions on there too, she's wonderful! 


  1. Well done, Barbara! I once won a tin of peas in a tombola, but I think this certainly beats that! How exciting!

  2. I hope Barbara was sitting down when she read this...

  3. Congratulations, Barbara! Thanks again to Steve and Van der Spek for holding this contest. :)

  4. Well done Barbara!! A fabulous prize!!

  5. Thanks for holding the competition & congratulations, Barbara :)

  6. Congratulations Barbara!! I wanted to include a message but thought it might get me disqualified! ;) I love these binders more than any I've owned and so happy for anyone who gets to try one out. Thank you Steve for hosting the contest and thank you Van der Speks for such an amazing fun and functional quality product!

  7. Congratulations Barbara!
    A big thank you to Steve & Van der Spek for all the work that went into the photos, reviews, & competition.

  8. Thank you for hosting the contest and for the detailed reviews of these wonderfully handcrafted binders. Congratulations Barbara.

  9. Congratulations, Barbara! Enjoy!!


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