11 November 2011

Free For All Friday No. 156

Today's date is 11/11/11! How cool!!

Today is also Remembrance Day in the UK and Veterans' Day in the US, so today please remember those who fought for our freedom and if you can, thank a veteran.

What's going on in your Filofax world these days?


  1. Waiting for Filofax Facts ...

  2. we have St.Martin's day. We say, that Martin is bringing snow, but doesn`t look like it`s going to snow.

    Otherwise, my filo is getting too fat and I can't take anything out. If somebody from Filofax reads this, please I'll need bigger rings ! And I'm sure I'm not alone. Personal with 35 mm, please, please, pretty please :o)

    Have a good friday everyone.

  3. I'm reorganising my Filofax at the moment and huffing ver diary formats. Has anyone used the Filofax computer paper and can comment on how well it works?

  4. And on a positive note: I finally found a use for my soon-to-arrive pink Apex. It will gift it to my 10 yr old who will be starting secondary school next summer. She decided, she would need something more "serious" in sec school, and her pocket filo is too small. I had offered her my Lavender Domino, but she replied: "You hate the pink one (=Apex), don't you? So you won't have a fit if it gets beaten and scratched, right?"

    Smart lady. She'll do great in secondary ....!

  5. I saw a filofax 'in the wild' the other day! A lady was taking notes in one at a course I was attending. It was a black personal size & looked vintage, not sure which model. I mentioned I loved them too & she agreed, saying you can't beat writing down stuff even though she has an iPhone.

  6. I moved house in the summer and when I emptied my desk I found some dog postcards that had come out of a funfax.. i'm so gutted I don't have the binder anymore! how cute would that have been!!
    were funfaxes pocket sized?
    if yes I could have had a dog binder for when my filo was likely to be mistreated.. (i'd rather have had cats but beggars can't be choosers)


  7. We have been to the service down in the village this morning, quite a low key affair, no more than about 25 people there.

    But we were made very welcome and I think it was noticed that 'the English' made an effort to join in.

    We are the only English people in the village... so we are 'different' or the minority if you like!

  8. Nice you went to the service Steve. I think recent conflicts have brought this more to the attention of younger people. I don't know how they found/find the courage to be so brave - I know I couldn't do what some of them have done. We also try and support Help the Heroes as many soldiers come home with mental and physical disabilities that make life very difficult for them and their families.

  9. On a lighter note - I am thinking about replenishing my pocket filo diary. In an ideal work I would like a cotton cream week to view, with times/lines as in the French (white) version. Does any know:

    1. What is the white French paper like?

    2. Is there anywhere that may have this version in cotton cream?

    I really like the idea of lines and times for entering appointments etc

  10. @katka - personal with 35 mm rings - MAMMOTH! I'd have it crammed full, even with that big of rings.

    I'm waiting (most impatiently) for my personal zip Cuban to arrive. Pens & leather's website was crapping out, so I ordered from Filofax USA. Unfortunately because I'm in Canada, orders from FFUSA get routed via Letts Canada and they are sooooo slow.

    I ordered over two weeks ago and I finally sent an email yesterday. I got a reply this a.m. from Letts Canada saying it had been shipped yesterday. YESTERDAY!!! Over two weeks since I placed the order. Not too happy about that.

    I had sent an email to Pens & Leather saying that their website kept crashing and that I couldn't complete my order. A day or so later I got a nice reply with a coupon code for my trouble. I should have cancelled my order with FFUSA. I know this and I'm mad at myself for not acting sooner. I want my big rings!!

  11. does anyone know if they made the a5 amazona in the ivory colour?

  12. @Jotje - Were you given an option for the color? I received my email from them about getting an Apex, but they didn't ask me which color I would like. They just said I would be getting an Apex and please give us your mailing address. :/ I'm really hoping my Apex is pink or green, since I think the other two colors are rather ugly.

  13. Happy Veterans Day. I am thinking of getting a filoFax personal.I I have been looking at the Osterly how does this compare to the Malden? Be Well Everyone.

  14. @terriknits, I LOVE your dogs! Maddening about the slow shipping. I get so aggravated about things like that.

    I am still trying to find a personal size leather filofax which pleases me aesthetically and fits my needs:
    -Must have plenty of card slots
    -Must have full height pockets front and rear
    -Must lay flat out of box
    -Ideally will have two pen loops
    -Ideally will be made of a nice saddle type leather, not glossy.

    Looks like the Malden is the closest match. Sadly I am just not that pleased with it's appearance. I love the looks of the old Hamilton, I may just keep an eye on ebay to see if one turns up there. But I don't think that has full length slip pockets front and back.... May need to compromise!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. @Alison:
    As for the cotton cream diary: how about this one from Filofax Sweden:

  17. Just wanted to say, to those of you going to the London meet up on 19th November, have a grand time!! So sorry I can't be with you this time round. I imagine Covent Garden will be lovely with the Christmas lights and decorations.
    So glad you went to the service Steve. More special this year somehow, as it is at 11am on 11/11/11. The people in your village sound just lovely.

  18. I'm in bliss right now with my vintage green personal Tejus .. The person who had it never used the blank papers inside! I have sheets in here copyrighted as far back as 1986 and '94! As much as I love the new Filofax models, there's something special about the "Made in England" gold stamp! As I'm flying to London next month, are there any Filofax stores around Heathrow?

  19. @Josh - thanks, we love them lots! They're hilarious animals.

    So in a fit of pique, I've ordered the Cuban Zip from Pens & Leather using my lovely coupon code and I will be returning the FiloUSA order when it arrives. They pissed me off one time too many with their dilatory shipping to Canada.

  20. Has anyone recieved their Apex yet? I am not sure what I will use mine for. I recieved an Ivory Deco this week to go with my ruby and ebony. Very, very happy!

  21. No Apex here yet. Probably take a month knowing Royal Mail. ;)

  22. having problems with filofax software printing. Just had a good session of printing lists of email, then phone numbers. Was about to print address book and all contacts have gone off somewhere!!! sigh!!
    PS first time I have written here, have been lurking for ages, and researching. Just in the process of swopping my pocket Waverley to a second hand (ebay) A5 Hamilton, which I love though it is a big jump from a pocket, and quite heavy!
    BTW Steve, I am in France also, English my birth, but lived here 9 years. Also went to the village service. Small village but many attended, and we had Kir after in the mayors office. One French couple were even wearing poppies in respect of the English here :)

  23. Hi Nikki
    We wore our poppies today as well. But we had to explain why to our French counterparts!

    I'm in Deux Sevres near Thouars, where about in this big country are you?

    I'm also using the address book software, not sure why your addresses have vanished


  24. 1st time commenting on here, though I love the site and info here, so thank you all :)
    having problems printing from filofax software. Had a good time printing phone numbers and email addys, but now have come to print address book, and all contacts are not showing in print preview, ugh!!
    Just changing over from a pocket Waverley (which I LOVE) but need more space, and now I have a A5 Hamilton from ebay. Very big and heavy change!! Hope I can get used to it :(
    BTW I am in France, though English. Also went to our service in tghe square today. Was a great turnout, and Kir for afterwards :))
    2 french even wore poppies, sweet :)

  25. oh sorry, think I posted twice!!!
    I am in Vienne, nearest big town is Poitiers dept 86 :)

    Yes I have had to explain the relevance of the poppies many times!! Not that easy in French actually!

  26. Nikki, you are 'just down the road then' !! Poitiers is about a 45 minute drive for us.

    Here's where we are...


  27. Looks like there is the potential for a Poitiers Philofaxy Meet Up may be one day!!

  28. it is something to do with the label pages option, when I click on start every page with an odd number, or something like that, page 1 and so on dissappears. sorry hard to explain, but when I take off the label then I have my contacts from LETTER A on page 1
    Very odd ??

  29. Nikki,
    Email me (address in 'About Us' page) and I can send you a copy of my settings.


  30. oh yes a poitiers meet up would be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have a lot of trouble to find "filofax in person"
    There is only 2 stockist listed in Poitiers, one is rubbish (altho a lovely papeterie, the other is a pen shop and he has a few there to see, but not the whole range :)

  31. Thanks Steve, will email you about the printing problems :)
    Just looked where you are, google tells me you are 129 km from me, approx 2.5 hrs drive :)
    You are Northwest of Poitiers, and I am a little south, but pretty much due East :)

  32. I'm sure we can arrange to meet up sometime in Poitiers.

    Yes finding stockists here with any stock is impossible. I tend to buy on line or in person at Neal Street in London

  33. Josh the Holborn might suit your needs, although I haven't seen one in person so I don't know if the leather is shiny. It does have full length slip pockets front and back, which is hard to find in Personal size. And the leather is buffalo leather so it's rugged yet soft.

    I don't know of any Personal size binder in the current collection that has two pen loops. You could always stick in a Leuchtturm pen loop if you don't mind adhering something to your binder. ALternatively you could also stick the pen loop to a clear overleaf sheet so you could remove it if you wish and use it in another binder.

  34. May be add a pen loop from a Flex


  35. Thanks for the Swedish link - very interesting products there!

  36. @Josh
    What about a Cavendish? There's one on eBay at the moment:

    Does that fit the bill??

  37. Is the Ranger filo leather as stated on ebay or soft vinyl as I had thought?


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