04 November 2011

Free For All Friday No. 155

So last weekend it was the UK and most of Europe that put their clocks back to Winter time, this weekend it is the turn of North America.

Don't forget we have a Skype Chat this coming Sunday details are in last Sunday's post. Hope to chat with you then.

But in the mean time as it's Friday, so feel free to discuss anything Filofax related.


  1. Hi! Quiet today so far! So I'll kick it off with an easy question!
    Does the Files section has a week on 1 page file? I'm sure I saw it somewhere, but can't find it now! Just need it for the end of 2011 :) Thanks!

  2. Kate
    There's one in the ad spot page FREE


    in Personal size...


  3. Well I would really love some help choosing my next Filofax. I want an A5 and am going to buy from Neal street in the sale. The options are: adelphi in black, amazona in black, finchley in imperial purple or sienna in cinnamon. there are a few things I needed from it: to lie flat, to look and feel luxurious so its like a real treat and to last.

    Your thoughts are very much appreciated. The use for this filo will be my everyday planner. I need to get organised and i need the space of A5.

    Thanks, Cat

  4. Cat,
    Staples advertise the A5 Finsbury in Aqua as part of their national Xmas sales. £38.50

    What are the colours you aim for in clothing and makeup?

    What kind of environment are you working in? Creative and free like marketing, fun, or serious professional like accounts, legal or banking?

  5. @Cat - I bought a sienna from neal street this week, it's beautiful, the leather is so soft and supple and it lies flat straight out of the box.

  6. My bottle of Ribena leaked in my bag yesterday allll over my beautiful purple songbird and my pocket finchley. I was DEVASTATED! My laptop was in there too but seems fine. Allll of my diaries and important info in my filos were destroyed. Anyone else had something like this happen? How did you recover? I have literally just bought a new wo2p cotton cream diary which was in my personal songbird.. Up to april 2012 is now an ugly purple colour and most of the other pages have an ugly wet border. :( I'm so upset...

  7. @Cat - plus one more vote for siena. my a5 is the espresso color. they are super soft leather, lie flat, have 2 pen loops and super-cool gold rings inside. I now use 3 siena filos - pocket, personal and a5. one thing I notice is that the only cinnamon color one is the pocket and its leather is soft but I really think the leather on my espresso ones is even softer, perhaps just a little more oily. anyway, my other a5 models were the balmoral and the sandhurst which I loved for many years but now I love my siena the best. I even replaced my previous pocket model of 11 years with siena! oh, and I never use that little zip pocket on the front, it seems impractical for me but it makes a cute decoration : )

    all of the models you are considering seem very nice - anxious to hear which one you choose!

  8. @Deeji...same happened to me few years ago. I just bought new insert and rewrote everything :o( At least I had black leather filo, so no demage on the filo itself. But I can imagine what spilled drink can do on fabric filo.

  9. @Deeji - so sorry to hear this... am feeling for you!

  10. TPS KATE - I have a week on 1 page diary spare i can send it to you or give it to you at the meet up!! <3

    Scoot - That A5 Finsbury seems to be sold out i tried to find it when i posted it on my blog yesterday but it seems to not exist, i emailed them and heard nothing :-(

    CatB - do they still sell the Adelphi?? As they had it on clearance at beggining of september?? But i recon you should go for A5 Black or Red Amazona if they still have it?

    Deeji - I have a German week on 2 pages 2012 diary that i dont need? if thats any help email me filofaximy@live.com

    I cannot wait until the round table this weekend :-D

  11. I have 3 jobs, hence the need for an A5 but my main is creative, I am a luxury bathroom designer. My other jobs are self employed but for slimming world, other managers and consultants will see it. I wear mostly neutrals with the odd splash of colour, often a purple or teal or green. I can't find the aqua on staples website, I may drive over tomorrow to my local, or give them a call.

    I do like the sienna, but the zip on the front puts me off, I'm not sure I like it... I wish I lived or worked in London cos then I could just go and see them lol

    Thanks everyone, still undecided....

  12. Thanks imy, is the amazona nice? Does anyone know if it lies flat? I am leaning towards that or the finchley, but not sure why

  13. @Imy Thanks so very much for your offer Imy but my lovely partner has just opened one of my Christmas prezzies for me. He's bought me a personal finchley in imperial purple :) I'm not allowed the binder until xmas but he's taken the inserts out for me to use now :) aww!
    Just glad he understands, hehe!
    I do really appreciate your caring though, thank you very much.

    @Katka It looks like my finchley is fine but after blow-drying my songbird all night & leaving it on the radiator it looks like there is some staining. Luckily it was a purple pop on a purple filofax so it's not toooo obvious. It's just a slightly deeper purple in places, but at least I know what i can use to refresh it in future if it starts to fade :/ We'll call it "character" for now lol. *sigh*

  14. @CatB the A5 amazona is gorgeous, it lies flat and it so luxurious, I love it! I have it in red :)

    @Imy thanks again!!

  15. Why did I buy two versions of the Wo2P for my Malden?

  16. Cat, I have personal size Finchleys in jade green, in purple and in red. Although I haven't seen the A5 version, I would highly recommend the purple Finchley, given your description of your dress and jobs. The color is creative yet subdued enough to look "professional," the leather is luxurious but durable -- it just has class!

    I have paired my purple one with Flavia inserts and a lilac pen, and I smile every time I look at all those gorgeous colors. I originally hesitated getting the purple because I am not a "purple person," but am so glad I did :-) The shade is truly lovely and versatile.

  17. @Deeji... oh no!!! What an awful thing to happen. It always seems that it is the things we love that break or are ruined, unfortunately for us! I broke a little statuette the other day which I just was so very fond of.... tried to replace but seems it was unique. TK Maxx and Homebase have loads of Filofax planners in at half RRP.... including the Songbirds. Worth a look????

  18. @Deeji - so sorry to hear about your accident! It's so annoying and upsetting isn't it? Glad to hear you have a lovely partner who was pleased to ride to the rescue!

    @CatB - I have the Black Amazona and truly love it - it is luxurious and glamorous. For business I have a handbag in a similar finish so I use the two together which look great. Having said that I also have an A5 Finchley which I use as my home binder - it is a Rose Pink - a softer colour. However the leather and feel of it are wonderful! In purple it would be lovely. One of these two would be my choice. I have the Adelphi in black also which I like, but it is much slimmer (I bought it for that reason, but haven't actually used it - probably one for ebay when I pluck up the courage to part with it!) Both the Amazona and the Finchley lay flat so no problems there. However I shouldn't leave it too long before you buy in case your chosen one is out of stock.

  19. CatB - my personal amazona lies flat so it shoudl do :- )

    Deeji - awww that is so sweet :-) what a lovely man xxx

  20. Isn't there a page/file on Philofaxy that shows which FF sites ship internationally? I've worn out my google-fu after this week that I've had and can't find it! Can someone point me in the right direction? Thx!

  21. Hi, it's here:


    It's mentioned and linked to from the suppliers page...


  22. Does it usually take an age to receive orders from the filofax website. My order still says 'processing'!

  23. Hello all,

    Does anyone have any tips or techniques on writing on the left pages (I'm right handed) in a Personal Kendal without the rings getting in the way as I approach the right edge of the page i.e. my writing gets messy as I have to change the angle of the pen and my hand hits the rings.

    OR are there any Filos at there where the rings are less 'intrusive'? :)

    I know that I could take the page out and write on it, but I want to keep the pages in the binder as much as possible.

    Many thanks.

  24. Tom-
    1. Front load your binder with a post it note accessory, blank note pages, extra forms,your telephone directory, etc.

    2. Buy one or two slimline personal organizers instead of using a standard personal. Use the standard personal for storing and filing only.

    3. Buy a compact personal organizer if you can get away with less pages in your main filo.

    4. Use a page lifter on the left side of the binder rings. They are usually made of plastic. You then manually raise the left hand side as your write.

    5.Buy a Flex.

    Good luck!

  25. TomHanson,


    Do as the Americans - hole punch your pages on both sides, and flip them when necessary!

    I do it and it works wonderfully!

    FC sells stationery that is already punched on both sides, if you don't want to do it yourself.

    Cheers, Giovani

  26. @Steve - thanks! I looked at that page, too, but didn't see it. I'm fried. Wonder if that's why it's called FRIday? ;-)
    ETA - my captcha code is "fardropy" That's how I feel right now!

  27. I'm thinking about buying the domino a4 folder (as it's so cheap at the moment) but was wondering how easy is it to find other notepads that will fit into the slot in the back?

    From the pictures on the website it's hard to see how the notepad it held in.

    Thanks, Helen.

  28. Helen
    On my A4 Classic, it's a standard A4 notepad punched with 4 holes the type you can buy in any shop... On mine it is just held in by the cardboard backing card, I would think it's the same with the Domino


  29. Cat, I have an A5 Mustard Finchley and I love it! It's perfect as it sits flat.. has great pockets, zip pocket up front, note pad in the back.. The Amazona is very beautiful, but I just love the colors the Finchley comes in.... The purple does look quite nice!

  30. Hello Everyone
    Filofaxes on tv. There were two on the bbc 1 programme "The Case" two barristers were carrying them in the office. From the distance it looked like "Pocket" in Black. On another subject great advice from Imy on the subject of Philofaxy meet up particularly tube and bus journey


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