21 October 2011

Free For All Friday No. 153

Happy Friday everyone!  Got any big weekend plans? If you haven't already, spend some time this weekend submitting your entry to our Filofax Competition!  Don't miss your chance to win a new Filofax!

Halloween is coming soon, autumn is in full swing for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere. And shockingly, Christmas is barely two months away!

How are you using your Filofax to plan the last two, ultra-busy months of this year?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything Filofax-related. :)


  1. I discovered the Filofax just four months ago and am obsessed! I have 8 now. I ordered several to begin with because I couldn't decide which one I liked best or which size I wanted.

    Today I received the Osterley personal in wine. I LOVE it. This is it, the one I will carry with me everywhere. Beautiful.

    Now, is there somewhere here on Philofaxy to sell filos? I think I need to lighten the shelf a bit.

  2. Hi Kelliejo
    Yes there is a page for selling Filos



  3. @kelliejo
    8 filos in 4 months??? wow!

    just a question to your sales before everyone get´s the chance to buy them: are all of them personals?? or do you also got a a5? ;)

  4. Kelliejo - What ones will you be selling :-D and 8 in 4 months sounds AMAZING i recon you should keep them and EXPAND!!! hehe x

  5. Hi All, I haven't been on for ages (due to overwhelming work and personal stuff) but I do have AMAZING filofax news.. My boyfriend handed me last Saturday (via ebay) a (perfect condition) emerald Green personal Tejus Filo made in England with a bunch of unused Filofax insert papers from the early 90's!!! I am in Filofax Nirvana right now!!! So I do have a few questions.. @Steve, any idea of when the Tejus was actively sold? What did it sell for? It's calf leather with a lizard skin finish to it.. I lierally spent all last weekend just petting it!!! (much to boyfriend's weird stares at me!) Miss you all - will be on regularly now!

    1. I've just got (also from Ebay) a wonderful personal Tejus in a beautiful blue colour. I totally understand now what you say about spending the weekend petting it. I'm at work and I can¡t help myself getting it out every few minutes to look at it and touch it a bit. LOL

      Did you find out the answer to your questions about when and for how much they were sold? I'm also curious. I can only imagine how gorgeous one in green or in red must be. I'd love to have one in black, too. :-)

    2. Neonlicht
      Please be aware that any post more than 10 days old the comments are held automatically for moderation. We got about 4 copies of your comment!

    3. Oh, Steve, I'm sorry. The site kept going back to the text box to write a reply every time I tried without saying anything about moderation (at least not on a place I could see it), and so I thought it didn't get the MyOpenID validation and kept trying. Tank you for letting me know. It won't happen again.

  6. Hi,

    This is my first post and I wanted to say a big thank you! I discovered Philofaxy by chance and I have to say you have helped me and my poor brain massively.

    Im a single mum with 2 young kids (3 and 1), I work part-time and im also studying part-time at Uni. Life can get very hectic. I was trying to be orgnaised with scraps of paper and random notes and it was a nightmare. I was always forgetting appointments, shifts and shopping was trouble too! I often forgot bread, milk, toilet paper, but I would come home with some marshmallows and a smelly candle (I really am that scatty).

    After discovering Philofaxy I decided to take the plunge and get organised. Im now the proud owner of a A5 Aqua Finsbury for uni/home things and a red pocket Deco for appointments and shopping lists which doubles as my purse.

    I've gotten so organised its scary and I love it. No more ringing the doctor cause I forgot appointment times again or forgetting what my daughter needs for school.

    So a big big thank you Philofaxy, my poor brain thanks you too x

  7. @princessK

    it´s so lovely to read your comment! and i´m feeling very happy for you right now. i truly can understand your situation. although i´m no mum and half-time-student, i needed to organise all my life. without my filofax my first "alone residence chance" and the "gaining back the control of my finances and debts" wouldn´t probably be possible.
    i send you a great tumbs up!

  8. I posted a few weeks ago asking for advise for a gift for the other half.

    thank you
    the finsbury arrived a few days ago and is LOVELY.... I want one!
    Decided to go fabric innards and if it gets warn out (ie used plenty) I will get an all leather one in a few years time!

    One disappointment
    I wish the diary pages came out sooner. he gets dates for the diary up to a year in advnace so it would be great to have 2013 on stand by..... any ideas?
    Thanks again

  9. @Firsttimer, you can print your own using microsoft Outlook, it's pretty easy for A5, you can do it for any year and any format you like! lots of options, just have a play around and print out 1 page's worth to see if it works, then you can print some more months/rest of the year if he's happy with that format! have fun!

  10. Michelle, I'm not sure when that model was in production. Have you looked through the photos on the Filofax UK Facebook page, they have some scans of 1990's catalogues there.

    Welcome PrincessK

    Firsttimer.. how about using a year planner or 4 year planner for those far reaching dates, and if you need more detail to be recorded use an undated planner page with the details on it.

  11. Firsttimer- the vertical year planners are great- they provide one line per day for the whole year. Not too much room for details, but enough to map out days that have events, appointments, etc.

    I know that the 2013 is also already available... just an idea!

  12. Just noticed the crimson Malden in Personal and Pocket sizes on Filofax UK's Last Chance sale...

  13. @Laurie They have been advertising the personal Malden in Red for ages now, but when you click through they are sold out. I wish websites didn't do this - when they are gone they should disappear from the website! Not sure about the pocket as I haven't checked.

  14. @ Laurie Personal crimson Malden was reduced quite a while ago and sold out, but it's worth checking back each day. I thought that if they got anymore then the price would be back up to the usual, but when I checked back they had more in stock at £36. One very happy bunny here. It's in the cupboard ready for me to have as my Christmas present.

    @ Kelliejo If you really want to make some room on your shelf I will definitely check out the readers ads and see if I can get myself some new ones. My DF will just give up on me as he thinks I have too many already, but I believe that you can never have too many ;-)


  15. Hey all,

    Love the website. Quick question for you Filomaniancs;

    I have a Topaz Mini, in use as a wallet, which is very handy considering the full-length pocket to the rear. However, the mini in size is quite restricting, so my question is this - Are there any pocket sized models that also have this full-length rear 'pocket'?

  16. Hi Ian
    Yes I recently reviewed three pocket size Filofax organisers with the rear pocket.


    Others also include it as well


  17. Hi everyone!

    I found this website after I bought my FIRST Filofax here in Hawaii a week ago. I LOVE it!! I have a personal Finsbury in Raspberry.

    I've had FC, Day Timer, Day Runner in all different sizes, too!

    Now, I'm wondering if I need to expand to the pocket or the A5 size!!! :) Hubby might faint, though.

    Do you folks use notebooks in addition to your Filofax?

    Thank you!

  18. Hi Lisa! Be assured, that won't be your last filo! We are all addicted here!
    In answer to your question, I use notebooks too, I have to because if I used my filo for my university notes I would go through thousands of filofax notepads a term! But mostly I use a fake-Moleskine (bookshop brand, not the real thing, and half the price!) as a brain dump, for uni and assignment ideas, and also for general other notes, e.g. ideas for Christmas presents. The reason I don't write the latter straight into my filo is because sometimes, I don't have my filo to hand, but also, they are ideas I might want to develop later as I read them back, and therefore don't want to put them in somewhere concrete in my filo yet. Hope that makes sense!

  19. @TPS - Thank you!

    I use a composition notebook at work - that stays at work. I put all voicemails, requests, some meeting notes in there. It is working out well.

    Trying to decide if I need a personal notebook, too. (for brain dumps, misc notes, etc.)

    (I have a notebook that I use for church for sermon notes and meeting notes.)

    I've been eyeing the pocket and the A5 size....not many stores here carry filofax so am left to drool at my computer. hahaha.

    Love the Deco filofax. Sigh.

    Hubby said I could pick up a pocket filofax as our gardening journal. :)

    Hmmmm...so many options and decisions!!!


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