14 May 2011

New York Meet Up - Live

Well the New York meet up is happening today... now in fact...

And here is everyone... ordering drinks I'm told prior to the Filos coming out, such restraint!!!

Sorry I can't put names to every one. But on the right at the front is Kanalt, and at the far end of the table on the right is Nan.

Didn't take long did it....

Wow look at this collection!

Have a great day, we look forward to hearing how things all went.


  1. Oh yay! Looks like so much fun. And so many wonderful Filofaxes. I look forward to seeing more pictures.

  2. Oh my that looks so exciting!!!

    I want one too! When do I get a meetup!? (In my annoying younger sibling voice!)

  3. @saffronia "Organise (build) it and they will come..... :)(with apologies to 'Jim Morrison' in Wayne's World :)

    South West UK meet-up anyone?

    David Popely

  4. Looks like great fun, I would have loved to join! On the left in the front I spy J, the rest will need to have name tags attached I'm afraid ...
    Looking forward to all the blogposts and pictures about the meetup!!!!
    David, SW UK: not only do I want to come, I want to LIVE there...!!!!!!

  5. We could have our own version of South by South West David!

    Thank you by the way to @TheCrazyLifeofJ for tweeting all the photos I was 'pinching' them off the net and adding them to this post as soon as I saw them!!

    Looks like every one had a great time so thank you to Kanalt for doing the bulk of the organising and for everyone who took part for adding in their assistance.

  6. Love the look of the venue and wow, what an impressive pile of Filofaxes.

  7. Wow that's wonderful so many of you were able to go!

    I want an itemized list of exactly what each of those Filofaxes are (and their respective owners!)!

  8. We had so much fun! We should have written a list of all the Filos, but sadly (oddly) no one thought of it.

  9. That group Filofax pic is almost as nice as the group Philofaxer one :)

    Glad to hear the day was such a success!

  10. definitely David! I live in Plymouth! it would be very exciting! But I don't know of many filofax stockists we could visit, maybe there are more in Exeter than there are in Plymouth?

  11. Would love to see a meet in the South West! All we need is a Filofax store nearby as well!