10 October 2009

Newest addition!

My dad very generously sent my birthday present, my newest Filofax: a purple personal size Finsbury! I'm so excited!!! Purple is my favorite color, and I already have a purple A5 Finsbury (which I use as my household binder) so I'm extremely excited to get the personal size in purple too. A matching set!

I'm already using it, and it's just wonderful. It doesn't lay flat yet but I think it will in no time. The leather is pretty flexible and I don't think it will require any extreme measures to get it to stay at least mostly flat when open.

Check out my pictures on my Flickr photostream!


  1. Beautiful! I recently got an A5 raspberry Finsbury and I love it! Happy Birthday.

  2. Thanks D! That raspberry color is gorgeous, congratulations on your new A5!

  3. Birthday Greetings! This is lovely!

  4. This is gorgeous. Happy birthday!


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