12 October 2009

Craft Making and Filofax

It seems being creative and using a Filofax seem to go together. Nan recently highlighted Sara's Creations.

Tonight I discovered someone who makes their own organisers. Take a look for yourself at the Crafty Corner Blog and particularly at two recent posts:
They reminded me a little of the old 'Duplex' organisers that were available back in the 1970's/80's For those of you that might have missed these take a look at this site

fILOFAX blog and then look at the Duplex page, sorry I'm not sure what language the site is in, but there are some interesting insights to old products there.



  1. For those curious, that's a Japanese shopping website that Steve has pointed out

  2. Steve, thanks for the reminder about the creative possibilities of fILOFAX. One of my reasons for joining this blog was because I believe that a fILOFAX contains even more creative possibilities than a M***skine, despite the latter's artsy reputation.

    Here's one of my creative efforts: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gonanb/195235977/in/set-72157594177080225/


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