17 October 2009

Poll result - How many Filofax organisers do you own?

Thank you everyone for voting in our latest poll, an even bigger vote than our first poll a few weeks ago.

So amongst Philofaxy readers, just having one Filofax organiser is not enough. What is surprising it seems that having an even number organisers is more popular. It wasn't surprising that more people use two organisers, just based on the comments and articles we have seen.

Look out for the next poll in the next week or so. Thank you to everyone who took part.


  1. Phew! I'm happy to see I'm not the only one in "double figures"!!!

  2. 6 - I missed the poll, but I have 1 pocket, 2 personals (one of which is in use at any given time, 3 A5s (only 1 of which is in active use)


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