15 October 2009

Where did I read this???

Hey everybody, I need your help. Somewhere I read a great Filofax story and now I can't find it anywhere!! I've searched on this blog, but didn't find it. I hoped I had saved a copy on my computer but I didn't.

Here's the story: someone wrote this story about the coolest Filofax they had ever seen. It was a personal size Ostrich one owned by an elderly lady that had been using it forever and she had NEVER taken anything out of it. It was scuffed and stretched, but she would never give it up. The author of this story said he/ she was desperate to look in it but the owner wouldn't let anyone touch it. Some time later the author of this story heard that the lady had passed away and all they could think was, "What happened to her Filofax???"

WHERE did I read this story?? Has anyone else seen this online somewhere? It's such a great story, I want to save it.

I can only imagine that Filofax and what might have been in it!!!


  1. Laurie - I vaguely remember this also. I don't recall exactly, but I want to say that someone had met someone a plane who told this story (somehow they got to talking about Filofaxes), but don't quote me on this - I could be making that up. =) However, I want to say that it was through this blog that we heard about it...again, though, just a guess.

    So I don't know that I was much help in this matter. ;)

  2. I think I'm right in saying that that style of organiser is only sold in the US?

    I've tried doing various searches on Google using keywords out of your account Laurie, but I've not found it yet...


  3. I found it!!! Friday Free For All #18 - It was in a comment far down in the comments...

  4. Steve, I googled "Ostrich Filofax" two words together ;-)

  5. Thank you Michele!!!! You are better at keyword searches than I am!! What a great story, I just love that one.

    Steve you are right, the ostrich Filofax is only available in the US. Lisa from Filofax US told me the ostrich, alligator and lizard binders are not available in the UK due to export restrictions on certain types of animal skins. I had wondered why these (very upscale) binders were only available in the US.

  6. The comments in Free For All 18 are great. I love how Anonymous described layout of thier filo! That's what I would love to read - how everyone keeps their filos. Since '92 to this month I've always been using 1 filo at a time - now I'm going to use 2 - work and personal once my new pocket arrives (sitting on my boyfriend's desk in his UK office waiting for him to bring it home to me in two weeks). It's almost like anticipating the birth of a child - wondering if I'll bond with the 2nd as I am with my first! So my question is how does one keep two? Do you write down all addresses and phone #'s in both, identitical budget sheets for both?

  7. Hmmm, Michele, that is a great question! i wish I could answer it, asi I also have two filos but don't use them at the same time.
    I got my second one this year, but with a purpose: to be my Travel Filo. I took it with me on my trip and left my everyday Filo at home. I put the diary pages from it for the time I would be away, into my travel Filo. And I copied only the phone numbers I would need into the address section.
    Once I returned, I replaced the diary pages into my everyday binder, and stored my Travel filo. I will use it again on my next trip.
    Ok, let's hope other readers who actually juggle two Filos everyday can answer Michele's question, i'm also curious.

  8. Hi Michele, here are my experiences using multiple Filofaxes:

    1) I don't love any of them as much as I love my first and original Filofax!

    2) I use different Filofaxes for different things. I haven't been able to use two Filofaxes as planners/ diaries at the same time. Some people use an A5 Filofax as their diary/ planner at work, and a smaller one for personal use, but if you do that you have to check one against the other for any potential scheduling conflicts (for example not scheduling a dentist appointment at the same time as a work meeting). It does make sense though to have all of your work contacts, notes, etc in the A5 and your own personal stuff in a separate Filofax.


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