06 October 2009

Is it time to put your Filofax on a diet?

OK own up who is guilty of trying to put too many pages in their Filofax organiser?

It's ok you don't have to hang your head in shame, I'm sure we all do it, including me.

I find this time of year when I want to put in next years diary refill (you haven't got yours yet?) that I think oh dear this isn't going to go in is it....

So I had a session the other day of going through each of my organisers and decided on which pages should stay in and which ones would go in to storage. My A5 was the worst, I had a A5 booklet print of my Canon EOS 20D manual in there. It had been left in there from our long summer holiday in France. I prefer to carry a copy and leave the original manual safe at home, but at 168 pages at 4 pages per sheet... yes guilty as charged! So that came out straight away!

On my Pocket Finsbury, I took out the first nine months of this year in the diary section and stored that. I will refer back to the pages in a couple of months time when I do our family Christmas newsletter.

As you know I experiment with quite a few pages I create myself, so I always tend to have quite a variety of self printed pages as well. Some don't work as well as I thought, or they have been used and I don't need to carry them any more. I also found some old to-do lists tucked in to my diary that I didn't need to keep carrying.

Overall I felt good for sorting out my organisers and then being able to put in the 2010 refills without straining the rings or stretching the closing strap.

Now what else can I put in???


  1. No world map in your filo Steve? Not even one with dots that point to all the countries your commenters come from???? ;-)

  2. my A5 needs a diet and what i really really wish is that there was a slimline version for A5 similar to the slimline personal. i found the forced slimmer size made me really think about what i carried with me everywhere and what could be kept at home. I'm much happier on A5 paper than personal size so this is something maybe one day i'll figure out.

  3. Penny I completely agree, I wish Filofax would make an A5 slimline. I need the A5 page size for my diary but I can't carry around the big A5 size book. I think a slimline would be streamlined enough for me to take it everywhere and still have the big pages to write everything I need to do each day.

  4. This is the time of year when my work A5 Filo gets fat, because the Notes section contains almost a year's worth of meeting notes. Also, I tend to keep September through the end of the year day-per-page in the organizer all fall. I've just put my Filo on a diet by archiving September's daily pages and a couple of completed projects.

    I love the feeling of a slimmed-down Filo. It feels like the beginning of a school year, when everything is fresh and new.


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