26 October 2009

Roll Call: What's Your Format?

Hey everybody, we haven’t had a Roll Call for awhile! (And for those of you who follow the Roll Call link you will notice I shamelessly re-used Inky's bugler image!)

So now's the time to step up and be counted among the ranks. Tell us who you are and answer these:

1) What’s your current diary/ planner size and format? A5 week on 2 pages horizontal? Personal day per page? We want to know. And:

2) Are you planning to stay with the same format for 2010?

Me first! I’m Laurie. After much flitting about and numerous episodes of Calling the Dog, I have finally settled on the original, basic Personal size week on two pages, unlined. After all the millions of planner formats I’ve tried over the last few years, I am absolutely shocked that this basic format is turning out to work the best for me. I guess there is a reason why it’s so popular!

Do I plan to stick with it for 2010? Well, I have very good intentions. I have filled out all the holidays, birthdays, and other events in my 2010 pages. But I will be the first to admit, if I actually stay with it for the entire year it’ll be a miracle. From January to October 2009, I used 12 different formats/ sizes/ planner books in my search for what works best! And frankly, I’m tired of tweaking so let’s hope I have found my solution.

Your turn!


  1. I'm currently using A5 on week to 2 pages and will continue to use that in 2010 BUT I am going to steal some ideas that I've read on here. Along with using two different coloured pens (blue for home and back for work) I may even turn my Filo sideways to write on each day so that the rings don't get in the way!

    I'm still considering a Personal size though.....

  2. I bought my Filo (Personal Guildford) just three weeks ago, so it might be a bit early to answer, but...

    1. I'm currently using the 'week on 2 pages' diary (5 languages, unlined), which came with the Filo I bought.
    2. For 2010, I got a 'week on 2 pages' diary (German language, with lines) - I find it easier to see German holidays at a glance and it has a little more space per day, especially for the weekend. Besides, it comes with a German information section (fairs, summer holidays, festivals etc.)

    I also use a month on 2 pages diary which is handy for a quick overview.

  3. I use a Pocket size, with two diary formats: day per page and week on 2 pages, unlined. I started using my filo this way at the beginning of this year, and it has worked pretty well. yes, I plan to stick to this for 2010.

  4. oni, how do you fit both calendars into a pocket filo? Or do you only carry a few months at a time?
    I am trying to use a pocket filo again, and wondering if a whole year of page-per-day will fit in it. Have you tried that? I will not use a week-per-two-pages as well.

  5. Hi, paw13:
    Yes, the whole year in day per page format fits a Pocket. The way I started was, I first had 4 months of the weekly format and a couple of months of the daily format. As time went by, I kept adding daily pages, and removing weekly pages. Now that the end of the year is near, I have finally added all daily pages for this year, and the remaining months for the weekly.
    This is how I use both formats: the daily pages I use as a journal/diary, while the weekly pages I use to write appointments and upcoming events.
    Despite the thickness I also use Notes, to do's, addresses, financial and a self created section I call Japanese. These of course, are kept to the minimun thickness possible.
    The trick is to know how to organise each section in order to allow a better flipping through the pages :)
    You can see how 'fat' my filo is in the Philofaxy flickr pool.

  6. I'm a one week convert to the Guildford Slimline with a one-day-per-page diary. So far, so good!

    Prior to that I used an A5 with one-day-per-page.

    The Slimline is my plan going forward for 2010, but we shall see...it is a Filofax addict's prerogative to change her mind : )

  7. A5 :
    * Year view (my main calendar)
    * Week on 2 pages
    * Lined paper, for journaling
    * A todo list/page for each day. In French it is called a "plan de journée", sorry I don't know the english word : "daily plan" ?
    It's really nothing more than a list of what one need to do. Using a new page, dated, each day. But I find it very efficient, if only to see where I am behind schedule ;-)

    + a tickler (1 per month) to send me reminder

    * year view
    * Lined paper for appointments, todo, notes (that get written down in the A5 at the end of the day)
    * Articles/text I like to (re)read.
    I bought a Slimline to replace my Personal, but cant' get myself to make the switch as it'ld mean getting rid of those texts ;-)

  8. Currently I'm using a Personal Classic in brown. I use both the month-in-view and the week-on-two-pages lined. I will stick with the format for 2010, but am anxiously waiting for my Slim Guildford to arrive (I ordered both the Slimline and Extra Slim, will choose which one I like the best and return the other). Waiting is so hard to do when there is a new Filo on the other end. =)

  9. Hey,

    A little bit offtopic, but..

    I got interested in planners/organizers for while ago. Now I found this site.

    I would like to buy some planner. And don`t know which I should buy.

    I like to study time management systems. So, I`m thinking should I buy that brand planner (eg. Tony Robbins RPM binder) which I`m studying or buy filofax?

    Have you experience in adapting eg. the RPM concept to Filofax?

    And which Filofax models are good for (heterosexual :D) men? First I liked Eton, but then I saw that "as seen in GT" picture in filofax.co.uk lol

    BTW, it`s nice that there is information about filofaxes on your site, because I couldn`t find much anywhere else.

  10. I have an A5 Amazona with a horizontal Week to view as well as a separate week by week timetable.I scribble to dos for every day on the week to view. My meetings change frequently so every Sunday I transcribe my meetings for the week that has passed into the timetable for invoicing and throw away the week to view for that weeek (I have to do that or I am drowned in paper.)I keep six months at a time in my filofax so as I throw out a week at the beginning I add on one at the end. I got the timetable pages out of an old Domino (I think it was) that was designed for students and they are really useful.

    I used to use Page a Day with the To Do List separately but I find this system is actually working rather well and is far less paper. I find the A5 quite big to carry around as my handbag is my office but the smaller sizes are too small for me.

  11. In my A5, which I use for work, I have a month-per-two-pages, and a fold-out year for the following year or two. Then I keep about 4 months of day-per-page. This worked for me for most of 2009, so I'm going to stick with it for 2010.

    In my Personal, I use week-per-2-pages in cotton cream. This book also has A-Z tabs and lots of to-do pages, because I've taken doing one master list each day on a to-do page.

    In my Pocket, which I use for fitness, I use 2-days-per-page, because week-per-2-pages didn't give me enough room to record my workouts.

  12. A5 for my journal and larger project notes and reference material. My journal is on 2 pages per day, this year I printed off the pages from within Outlook 2007 for the whole year. But next year I have bought a Filofax refill, (thinner paper) I'm also got a two year, A4 year planner, which folds neatly, I created this in Excel.

    I am also a recent convert to the personal size Slimline see my post on this, which has more or less replaced my pocket for carrying around with me. Although I use my pocket for gathering ideas and notes for projects, it pops in my pocket so easily. In the slimline I'm using the supplied 1 page per week for appointments only. Plus a year planner for advance planning.

    That just leaves my two personal size which I don't use the diary sections in currently....

    Loving all the other comments, learning a lot from them too, keep them coming...

  13. This is going to sound terribly indulgent!... I have at the last count.... 42 Filofaxes! I've been collecting them since I was 16 or thereabouts, and I'm 38 now. I will post some photos of the collection on the flicker site to prove my point! Most are 'personal' size, from the 1980's heyday of filofax in the UK, mainly Winchester models in the various ring sizes. with a few more modern examples, especially the Cavendish - again bought for its large ring size. I also have examples by Mulberry, a host of A5's that I use as my work books, some pocket and mini-models, and some of the more unusual classic filofaxes including the Balmoral and some non-standard designs they produced.

    I did post a blog about my filofax on here some time ago, but I've since deleted the post. I will however post it on facebook, along with flickr pictures of the collection. I don't suppose its the largest collection of all the readers of this site, but i do use every wallet to store my diaries, addresses and notes going back to the late 1980's!

    As much as I love my iphone, my chunky winchester goes with me everywhere!


  14. SSS!! There you are!!!!! I've missed you!

    I had your wonderful Filofax blog post bookmarked, and the last time I clicked on it to read it (for the millionth time!) it was gone!!! *cry!* I loved that post so much. Any way you could post it on Philofaxy as a guest? You could email it to me and I could post it front and center where it would get the attention it deserves.

    Anyway, whatever you decide about the post, it's great to "see" you again!

  15. @Strong Stiff Scotch...
    42? Wow!
    The only advice I can think of is... "Don't Panic", but I am a Douglas Adams fan ;-)

  16. My current filofax, recently bought from ebay, is a burgundy, personal Winchester (4CLF 5/4) filofax.

    In this I have a 'week to a page with notes', as I don't like the five language format, for 2010 I've bought a 'week per page' and have interleaved lined notepaper, so that I have a sort-of 'week to a page with notes'.

    Other than the diary I have several 'handrolled' pages with fitness programmes (100 Push Ups), lyrics to learn, various lists: shopping (similar to the new family pack), reading, music. Plus a leather credit card holder (5PCL) and a multi-fit calculator.

    This is my brain...the grey matter in my head is an extension of my filofax!

  17. Pocket with Cotton Creme week on two pages for me.... I discovered cotton creme years ago and I can never go back.. Now I'm going to the Flickr site to gawk at all the lovely filos posted!

  18. I use a Personal Size Kendal Filofax. This year I have been using 'week on 2 pages' unlined. Next year I am changing to 'week to a page with notes'. The idea behind this is that I am not overly busy and I have used this format in the past and I find it works well for me. The advantages of this will be that the years diary pages will take up a lot less room, allowing me a to create another section of lined pages (recycled from other notebooks) that will be my daily record pages - a combination food diary/exercise record/weather and other notes I feel like recording. I will have about a months worth of pages in here at a time. I am also going to modify my financial pages and use the 'notes' side of the diary pages to record bills paid, instead of one page for every 6 weeks I will then have room for my budget. Anyway that's the plan. Only time will tell. :-)

  19. A5 Kendal for absolutely everything including work - make all my own dividers and print lots of my own pages for my job. I use the TIme Management system.

    I also use my lovely new Snake Domino, courtesy of Philofaxy, which just has a week on two pages diary which I transfer all my appointments over to, a Todo section, notes and a couple of address pages for important info and a tube map. If I have a day off I take my personal with me so I can keep track of any appointments that get booked in without having to lug around the enormous Kendal.

    Lots of retired Filofaxes that I am slowly selling off on eBay and other such places to reduce temptation. Otherwise I spend a long time looking longingly at the other sizes and wondering if I should dabble in a different system for a while, when I KNOW I have a really efficient system going already!

    @Simo - the Filofax TM system is absolutely brilliant. I have quite a complex working life and the inserts are just fantastic. Best TM system I have used.

  20. I use the personal format almost exclusively, because it is a handy size and the most established. It also allows me best to indulge my passion for vintage filo binders.
    I have always used the week to a page type of diary on white paper (the recycled version if I can find it). This has been traditional for more years than I care to remember, and I don't think I could possibly switch now!

  21. I'm starting to think about an A5 for work...... oye!

  22. 1 - Currently using a A5 with a personalised page-a-day plan that includes space for appointments, to do list, shopping list, water countdown etc. I have a separate section with a 5 day working week with place for notes & appointments. Then I have a contacts section with a page per contact - so lots of room for notes. And finally a menu planning section.

    2 - I'm hoping to stick to the same plan for 2010 - but it's early days yet and the plan may get tweeked more.

  23. I use a personal Soft Jade Finchley with cotton cream week on two pages diary. I also have a pull-out year planner for the year ahead as I often have appointments to make for the next year but don't like carrying anything other that the current year in my filo.
    I started using different colours for different things this year - which lasted until May 23rd and then became a jumble of colours with whichever pen I had to hand!
    I am going to try this again though and see if I can form a habit, as it does make everything so much clearer!