03 October 2009

Exclusive Preview - Filofax Beauty Gift Box Organiser [Updated]

We are very privileged here at Philofaxy to be given the chance to sample and review a new product launched today on the Filofax UK website.
The marketing team at Filofax UK HQ in Burgess Hill contacted me a few weeks ago asking me if we would be interested in a preview sample of a new product they were about to launch on 1st October and they enclosed the picture below. So I shared the email with Nan and Laurie. I think the instant responses I got back were testament on there own that they both liked the prospect of the seeing such a beautiful organiser, and to also see it on launch day.

Anyway, so here is a blokes view point on what is obviously a gift for the ladies... so I have to adopt the Crocodile Dundee persona for this post... it's snakeskin so close!

So on opening the package this evening under the watchful eye of my wife, I discovered:

  • A personal sized Filofax organiser
  • A Filofax mirror
  • An atomiser pen (screw the lid off and have your perfume to hand all day!
  • A gift voucher entitling the recipient to a beauty experience (treatment, haircut or photography day) worth up to £100
  • A presentation gift box
I had been sent the snakeskin edition but it is also available in Pink and 'Fresco' Your choice will depend on your own tastes of course.

The organiser contains a standard personal size fill, but with some additional personal touches such as the Filofax mirror and the pen with contains a perfume atomiser, which is discretely contained in the top of the pen. The pen is in a matching
colour to the organiser itself, of course...

The vouchers included give you three options of either:
  • Free Haircut and Finish.- at a top professional salon new you with The Hair Group.... or
  • Free Mini Beauty Treatment - The Beauty Group offers a choice of one of six mini treatments at a salon near you..... or
  • Free Fashion Experience with Fresh Studio (Make up session, Hair Style, followed by a fashion photo shoot)
The treatments are only available in UK. But the organiser on it's own is very good value for money if you take in to account the accessories included.

So where do you see yourself using such an organiser? I'm sure you won't need to think of an excuse, it is very stylish and practical, the small detail touches will mean you can reduce the size
or the number of items in your handbag... or dare I even suggest it to go without a hand bag. Carry your new Filofax with pride.

The timing of the launch of this gift box is obviously aimed at the Christmas gift market, and I think Filofax should be congratulated for the thought they have put in to this gift box idea. The gift box is exclusively available on the Filofax UK on-line store, you will not find it available in any 'brick and mortar' high street shops.

Now before you start to think, 'Ah Steve has got his Christmas present for his wife sorted'... we are actually going to give one of our UK readers the opportunity of winning this sample Filofax Beauty Gift Box. Complete with the beauty vouchers and gift box, all as described above.

How to enter:

1. Firstly this sadly will only be available to someone in UK or Europe

2. We must be able to contact you by email, so please ensure you have a valid email address in your profile and include your location in your
profile (just country will be enough)

3. Please comment on this post and answer one of the following three questions

  • What Filofax would you carry on the red carpet?
  • What's the most recent beauty treatment you scheduled in your Filofax? Open your organiser and look -- no cheating!
  • And one for the chaps: What woman would you most like to give this Giftbox to and why?
The three of us will judge the comments and select the winner on October 10th. Naturally we still want to see your comments even if you aren't in UK.

Please note that if you are in Europe the beauty vouchers are only valid in UK

We would like to thank Filofax UK for the sample giftbox and for their support.


  1. Hi all, what a nice review. I am not in the UK, but will answer the question just for fun: on the red carpet I would carry a very tiny filofax, probably a mini one (I would be rich and famous enough to hire someone to keep my schedule and to-do list, so no need for a lot of information). I would like to have a cream or off-white dress, so the mini would have to match that. I think the amazona in almond would be best.

  2. oh i just saw the offer is open to anyone in europe, I am in the netherlands so I can participate. I have no idea if my e-mailaddress is somewhere in my profile, can I see check that in some way?

  3. If I were on the red carpet I'd need a Filofax that wouldn't spoil the line of my elegantly tailored dinner jacket, so I'd probably opt for a Guildford Extra Slim model from the 2007 range. The catalogue illustrations for it showed champagne and oysters, so it could almost have been designed for the occasion. It would have room for a supply of my cards, and a few sheets to jot down those important phone numbers.
    [The Guildford Slimline in the current model range is almost the same.]

  4. I like the idea of a slimline organiser, I might consider one for my next purchase.

  5. They are definitely worth a look Steve. I must admit I have several, because they are so useful. One is specifically for travel to London, another for business trips.

  6. Ok, my turn now :))(I'm in Spain)
    For such an elegant event as a red carpet, I most definitely would need something very elegant and stylish. Which is why without doubt I would opt for the 'Filofax Swarovsky Special Edition' which I would pair with its matching accessory case.
    And I wouldn't hide my filofax inside a purse, I would show it proudly!!
    this is a lot of fun :)

  7. Hi All
    Thanks for all your comments so far. If you are in Europe (including UK) could you please email philofaxy at gmail.com replacing at with @ in the usual format!

    Include in the email your 'user name' as it appears in the blog, your full name and address.

    Please also add if you will be happy for us to announce you as the winner of the prize.

    The names and addresses will only be used to decide who eventually receives the Giftbox set and will not be sent to any other third party.

    Thank you

  8. Does anybody identify with those life phases wherein every time you close your eyes to sleep, your mind decides to do an inventory of every shameful moment of your life, which results in serious late night toe- curling and wringing of hands? If there's one moment in my life that has me sitting bolt upright in the dark, smacking my forehead in shame, it's my last trip to the beauty salon. If I flick back through the pages in my A5 Kendal to that day last July, my hands start to produce dangerous amounts of perspiration which means putting the Filo down pretty quick before it hits the floor....

    I succumbed to some good salon PR and decided to book myself in for a body wrap - one which is meant to detox, de-stress, and make you shed inches all over your body. Don't laugh - when July comes around each year, I abandon all common sense and try any of these things in desperation to be able to fit into last year's summer wardrobe. Listen carefully, because here is my warning to all self respecting men and women who may be considering one of these:


    ....unless your idea of 3 hours well spent is: stripping down until you're standing in the altogether in front of neon-lit mirrors (360 degree view of course) whilst perfectly shaped, porcelain doll-like 22 year old girls wrap you from toe to head in clay soaked bandages so that you can't bend a limb or move your head, pop you in a nylon shell suit and then leave you, stiff as a board, laying on a very uncomfortable massage table for an hour and a half with the lights off, leaving the imprint of your white, naked and (in my case) slightly wobbly body burnt into your retinas, with only the thought of the removal of said bandages in front of the same mirror to occupy your time.

    I have never been so grateful for my A5 Filo that day. As I crept from the treatment room, face burning in shame, a little lighter in wallet and self- respect department if not the buttock area as hoped, I pulled trusty Filo from my bag, hid my face from the girls at reception as I legged it out the door and up the road. I think if someone had tried to stop me to ask about a follow up appointment, I would have just flung the Filo at them and scarpered.

    Perhaps this will be the cathartic experience I need to get through the memory of my ordeal - sharing it with the Philofaxer community. Now I've relived the trauma of that day, I'm going to go calm my nerves now with a bit of subject divider reorganisation.....

  9. Red carpet Filofax? I'd want a zip one so that nothing falls out on the red carpet, that would be embarrassing. So the Metropol Zip Personal size for me. HArdly a break the bank Filofax but I'd be a modest superstar!

  10. A great video from someone who was at the launch of the beauty gift box.



  11. Hi, somebody knows where i can find a Filofax mirror? Thank you!