10 October 2009


There has been some recent discussion in the comments about the Slimline Organisers. I discovered an earlier post written by Nan about Slimline Organisers

It suddenly occurred to me that a slimline might make a good combine diary/wallet. I currently carry quite a small wallet but like most of these things I have been carrying too many cards in it. So it too needed to go on a diet!

So I ordered a Finsbury Slimline organiser and benefited from a discount code for completing a survey on the Filofax website.

The Finsbury has 6 card slots in one cover, which should be more than enough for me. I will use a page per week diary insert and also carry some of my essential contacts. The rest of the pages will either be a few to-do lists and some spare lined note paper. But this organiser really will be staying 'slim' I promise....

It arrived today and the rings are tiny compared to anything else I have, but it takes a diary refill ok (it came with 2009 and 2010) I'm going to put October 2009-December 2009 in as well. But I will be carefully planning the rest of this organiser to keep it slim.

There's no closing clasp to hold it close which will be a first for me, there is a pen loop though. The leather is very supple though, no stiffness in the cover so in a suit or jacket pocket it will not be too obvious, which is why I bought it really.

Being personal size I can see this slimline organiser possibly becoming my normal carry around organiser in place of my compact pocket Finsbury... time will tell.


  1. And don't forget the most important part about the slimline vs the pocket - it lies flat by itself! ;-) ....

  2. Yes, if you look at the structure of them, the pocket has an outer layer which forms a full length pocket, which is useful in other ways. But it does make it 'stiffer'

    Having transferred my cards in to the slimline their combine weight helps to let the organiser lay flat when open.

    One thing I think I will find myself doing is to use the slimline in conjunction with my Finsbury Personal organiser that I bought a few months ago that I've not really started to use yet.

    I will be able to reduce the number of calendar pages I'm carrying in the slimline if I include a year planner page along with say the next 2 months of pages. I rarely need to look further ahead than that.

    But already I'm liking the extra space that the personal size gives me on each page compared to the pocket size.


  3. Thanks for the description of your Slimline. Since I'm doing less in my Personal all the time, which I use as my wallet, I can see myself going this route someday.

  4. The slimline can be a bit addictive, and I'm afraid to say I'm quite hooked. You can see the evidence here!

  5. I am considering this route as well, as I have been using a "pocket slimline" Filofax Executive for years now as a wallet. I only hesitate because the "slimline" range is about two inches LONGER than my Executive; not a problem for a inside jacket pocket; but more cumbersome for the front pants pocket--assume we've all worked out that this "wallet" doesn't work well in a back pocket...!