10 October 2009

New Poll - How many Filofax organisers do you own?

Again just for a bit of fun, we have a new poll about how many Filofax organisers you actually own. Count each one as one no matter what size they are...

We will publish the results at the end of the poll next week.

We will run another in the future to find out the most popular size/style of Filofax.

Thanks for taking part.


  1. Great survey idea, but I have a hard time reading the results.

  2. Hi
    If you highlight the results graph it's possible to read it. But I will be publishing a graph similar to the last poll:


    I've already started recording the results so I should be able to publish the results quite quickly after the close.


  3. Thanks Steve...your suggestion worked

  4. Having only 3 Filofaxes is obviously not enough... once you have two... the next jump seems to be four!!

    Still a few days left to vote though so all the three filofax owners might come from behind to even up the scores!

  5. I have a mini and waiting patiently for my 2nd filofax, a red Amazona A5 when my friend bring it back for me from US.

  6. My 4th filo, my future constant sidekick, a pocket green panama, is either here in NY office or London office, depending if colleague brought it over, and still haven't connected yet. If not here, I will get it on the
    31st! It's torturous waiting!!!!!!

  7. Last week I bought my first Filofax (see my comment in FFAF No. 46) - and I am really happy about it. 
    But the 20% discount was so tempting that two days later, I ordered another one: a grey Urban Personal. I like its "casual" look - as others have pointed out before, it's great for travelling.
    Guildford + Urban, that's like a little black dress and a pair of jeans...   

  8. i.gernhuber:
    Congrats on the Urban. You will absolutely love it! The feel of the fabric is so smooth and so versatile, you won't want to leave home without it!

  9. I have two A5 Belmonts in Tan, a brown A5 Amazona and a Black A5 Metropol. I also have an Aspinal Purple Croc in A5 and a Mulberry Oak Agenda but the Filofax definitely rules.

  10. Aspinal Purple Croc!! Those are so gorgeous!! Dare I ask, is it compatible with the A5 Filofax inserts??

    *Hoping yes but also almost hoping no*

  11. I adore the Aspinal purple croc but their A5 is (or was, when I got mine) smaller than Filofax A5...

  12. Thanks Janet! Oh well, it's probably for the best...I already have a purple A5 (Finsbury) so I couldn't really justify getting another one, even one as beautiful as the Croc!!


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