02 October 2009

Free For All Friday No. 46

Wow!! I still cannot get over how gorgeous these new Filofaxes are that Steve has exclusively previewed below. I don't necessarily need a new Filo right now, but that snake-look one is really calling to me!! I wish I lived in the UK so I could take advantage of the beauty treatment vouchers!

This new offer from Filofax UK makes me realize that the gift season is rapidly approaching, and companies are coming out now with their holiday gift selections.

I keep a list in my Filofax all year of gift ideas for each person and occasions during the year, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. In fact the Filofax Family Organizer has handy monthly pages just for this. That way when I am out and about and think of a gift idea for someone, I can jot it directly onto my list for future reference.

Do you already know what you are getting everyone for the holidays this year? Are you one of those organized people who has the gifts all sorted out well in advance, or do you tend to get it together at the last minute?

Or, if you can't bear to think about the holidays yet, just let us know what is new in your Filofax life these days!


  1. I too keep a running list in my Filo for gift ideas. I recently just added this year's Christmas list. I also keep a list of items that I am hoping for so that I have some ideas for other people when they ask. One of these items is another Filo, although I'm debating on which one. I don't know that anyone will actually want to get me one since I "have too many already." But we all know, you can never have enough.
    In other news, I have some new projects coming up, so I revamped my sections, relabeling them and moving them around. And since we're already in to October, I have a desperate need to set up next year's pages, which I still haven't gotten to and really need to make time for.

  2. Well the offer on the gift box has now been extended to Europe as well as UK. Although the vouchers are only valid for salons in UK. So please lets see your comments/responses...

    The gift season... starting to think about it... it's my wife's birthday this month... I wonder if she would like a snake skin Filofax Gift Box with beauty vouchers....

    Our heating kicked in for the first time this morning so the mornings are getting cooler here.

  3. We put on our heating yesterday as well, and here in the netherlands the leaves are changing colouor already.

    I am not thinking about the holiday season yet, as I have a major conference to look forward to next week which will take me accross the atlantic for the first time. It is in san diego, so the weather there will feel like summer wheather at home.

    What I wanted to share with you is a thing I found on the internet, and which kind of relates to the recent post about resolutions. It is called 101 things in 1001 days, and it basically entails making a list of 101 things you want to do in the next 1001 days. This gives you a longer timeframe to finish the list, and 101 is a large enough number to include not only serious goals, but also some fun ones. I am planning to start tomorrow, and that means my end dat will be july 1 2012. Now I only need to find a way to track my progress, either in a separate notebook or in my new personal siena....

  4. By mid November I have a list of whom I'm buying for as well as gift ideas. What I never seem to do, which I might try this year is a list of whom to send cards to. That way all cards are done in one sitting. Well it's been quite a Filo week. I decided I want to go pocket size for 2010 and keep my personal slimline size for work stuff only. As my first filo which was a dark green leather and lasted as my only filo for 10 years (don't faint readers) I decided I wanted to go with the Dark Green Panama. However, after trying both Amazon & Goldspot this week, I've discovered the model is discontinued in the US. Thank God for my UK connections. I ordered thru the Filofax UK site, and my new filo is being delivered to a UK friend and then onto me when my other friend goes there later this month for business. With all this, I'm already planning in my head what I'm putting in the new filo.

  5. Michele - if you don't mind my asking, which Personal Slimline do you have? I have a classic, but found that the rings are too small for everyday use. But the regular personal is sometimes too big at 7/8 inches. But I just found the Guilford Extra Slim which seems to be in between the two at 5/8 inches. I wonder though how much it would actually hold, as compared with either the regular personal size or the 7/16 inch slimline.

  6. Kanalt - I have the Finsbury Slimline. In my opinion the Finsbury is the thinnest binder of the filofaxes which I think helps w/ stuffing this filo. FYI, I do have a Filofax catalogue which I picked up at the Filofax retail store last Summer in London (field trip for filofaxers!!). In the back there's a trifold with "filofaxes at a glance" which offers the measurements. According to this, the Classic, Finsbury, Cuban, Guildfold, and Metropol Slimlines have rings at "6x11mm" whereas the Amazona, Adelphi, and Bond Slimlines are at"6x13. Right now my Finsbury is at it's absolute "fattest". I have the plastic business card holder, week on 2 pages, slimline phone tabs (where you just write the addresses/phones on the tabs themselves), 2 sheets of organiser stickers, and about 40 sheets of ruled notepaper. I also "butchered" my personal and stuck in 3 tabs from that one. It's just a tiny bit harder to turn the pages, but it seems to be working out. I think the week on 2 pages and the address tabs are key to keeping the filofax as slim as it is. It also sits wide open without any manipulation so while at work I have the whole week opened right in front of me. I hope all this info helps.

  7. Thanks for the info Michele. One day I would love to go to the Filofax store. I've seen pictures of the storefront and it looks like a Filofaxer's paradise!
    As for the slimline - with the classic slimline, I couldn't get all of what I needed into it and be able to turn the pages, and that does me no good. So I thought the Guildford Extra Slim might work (found under the Personal size category). The ring size seems to be between the regular personal and the Guildford Slimline (found under the Slimline category). I just might have to give it a whirl.

  8. Hello everybody -
    I've been reading & enjoying this blog for about six months now, so I thought it's time to introduce myself:
    My name is Iris, I live in Bavaria/Germany (so I hope my English is not too bad) - and yesterday I bought my first Filofax.

    I have been addicted to stationary (pens, notebooks, journals and, most of all, planners) for about 25 years now - as I recall, it started with a Garfield school agenda when I was about 14.

    Since 1998, I've been using loose-leaf planners - German brands like tempus, org-rat and bsb-obpacher, which I think are not sold in the USA/UK. Well, I aways dreamt of a Filofax - but I thought them to be too expensive.

    Luckily, it's "GLAMOUR Shopping Week" this week - 20% off on Filofax, so I thought I might as well give it a try.
    I was planning to get a cheap, non-leather Filo (a Metropol or Domino maybe), but my husband (isn't he sweet?) encouraged me to take a leather one. So I picked a black Personal Guildford - I really love the smooth leather!
    It came with a week-on-two-pages diary for 2009 & 2010, so I can start to use it immediately!

    My bsb planner has the same size as the Personal, so I did not have to copy all my addresses and projects right now - since we're moving in December, I currently have a lot of lists/notes/todos on that subject.