13 October 2009

Tell us your Filofax sightings!

Hi everybody,

It's my birthday! Yay! Happy birthday to me.

Just for fun, let's talk about Filofax sightings. I mean, not just Filos in the store but real live Filofaxes in use by a person. Ideally these would be in real life, but television and movie ones are good too.

Yesterday I met a group of doctors who are in town working on a new medical program. One of the docs had a black personal Domino that I was dying to grab and look through! But I restrained myself (barely!). I also wanted to say, "Hey, I have one of those in grape, isn't it great? Let's talk Filofaxes!" But he had more important things to do than chat with me about Filos so away I went.

What Filofaxes have you seen out and about lately? Do you work with someone who uses a Filofax? Have you had the rare opportunity to see a Filofax being used out in public? I think there should be Filofax coffee houses where only Filofax users can enter, so we can sit around and drink coffee and look at each others' Filofaxes.

Even better, have you seen someone using a Filofax and then TALKED to them about their Filofax?? I would love to hear from the brave reader who has done this!

So let's hear about your Filofax sightings!


  1. Happy Birthday Laurie! Your new purple Finsbury is beautiful next to your A5! I have a work colleague that I talk Filo all the time. I FINALLY convinced her to replace the red pocket she's been using for 10 years with a cute new Finsbury red pocket. To make it even prettier, I gave her my red filo fashion pen to go with it (those pens are great if anyone hasn't had one - extra fine blue ink and very comfortable to write with and fits perfect in the loop). Anyways, last Spring I was in a sales conference meeting with a woman who had a huge fat personal filo (I think she used a day on a page calendar). So during the whole meeting my eyes kept darting over to her filo, but I didn't have the nerve to speak to her. The head of my dept uses a planner (sadly Day Runner) and in an all day meeting with her, you can guess where my eyes were darting over to).

  2. Happy Birthday Laurie : )

    As it happened, I watched the movie "Seven Pounds" last night. In one scene, Rosario Dawson's character is using a Filofax. It's the scene where she is trying to figure out her medical bills & pulls Will Smith's card out of her organizer.

    Of course, I was crying a lot during the movie, so I couldn't tell what kind of Filo it was, but it appeared to me to look like a slimline...

  3. Happy Birthday Laurie!
    It's funny that this post appeared today...just last night I was flipping through my 2010 Ikea catalog and in it, in their home office section, there is a picture of a desk with what appears to be a slimline filo. I want to keep the catalog forever just for that.

  4. Happy Birthday Laurie! I have so far convinced 9 friends to buy and use Filofaxes to organise themselves. All have said they could not do without it now! They are mainly A5 in size. I work in a hospital and have seen many Filofaxes in use, mainly from doctors, other professionals and reps. Do you have to be a certain type of person to use a Filofax or from a certain type of back ground?

  5. Happy Birthday Laurie :-)

    I don't see that much Filos around me. Except for one, each and every morning, laying flat open and welcoming us--me and a new day of work--, my faithful A5 Finsbury. Not forgetting the Personal one, toted in my backpack.
    Alas, that's not real sighting, I am afraid ;-)

    Oh, time to time, astute readers of the mag/website I publish can see it, 'accidentaly' visible in photos ;-)

    Still, I do sometimes spot women using Pocket, in restaurants or the likes (fits well in handbags, I guess). And one of my auhtor also use a Filo.

  6. Happy Birthday, Laurie!!

    I hope you're having a great day so far, surrounded by your beautiful filos.. I mean surrounded by your loving family ;)

    So far, I haven't seen anyone with a filo. I've seen people with similar agendas, but not Filofax! Considering that Filofax isn't too known in Spain, whenever I'm with new friends and pull out my adored Finsbury, they start asking questions, especially those who are into stationery like me :)
    I do know though, that my boyfriend's cousin uses one, but haven't seen it yet. His wife also uses one, but haven't seen that one either.All I know is that it's a Breast Cancer Campaign Edition.

  7. I see them in magazine ads from time to time, it always grabs my attention.

    I don't see them very often IRL, but a few weeks ago a colleague had a new planner (not Filo). It was her first, so I had to sing all the praises of having a planner, especially a Filo...

  8. Thanks everyone for your kind birthday wishes!

    It's funny to me that as popular as Filofaxes are in my online world (here and on Flickr), I very rarely see them in real life. Which made my sighting the other day that much more exciting!

    Where I live, most people use a day per page bound diary book.

    geew67 I don't think you have to have a certain type of background to like Filofaxes, but I do think it is a certain mindset. There are people who like to categorize their notes and things behind tabs, like us Filofaxers. Then there are people who like to use one notebook for everything and write everything in chronologically as it comes to them.

    Personally if I tried to write my notes chronologically in one notebook I would never find anything again. I have to have my information sorted for easy access!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday Laurie!! I don't Filofax around the work place and believe me, wherever I am I do watch what they pull out of their purses to see if they have a Filo. Like all these Filo users, I could talk about Filos all day long!!!!

  10. Happy birthday, Laurie!

    I haven't sighted any Filos lately, but your doctor story reminds me of one of my own.

    I was seeing a neurologist (nothing life-threatening), and I was clutching a pocket Filo in one hand, partly because it contained notes on things I wanted to talk about from a previous doctor visit, partly as a security blanket.

    Well, the neurologist wanted my hands free so he could examine me, so he finally barked, "PUT THAT THING DOWN!"


    Later, he commented on how good and neat my notes were, so I guess he didn't hate my Filo that much after all.

  11. In case anybody digs up this post, I'd like to add the movie "27 dresses" where the actress seems to be schleping a Red Domino Filofax everywhere.

  12. late to this party, but other movies:

    Hanging Up - Meg Ryan's character in a few scenes is carrying a black personal size planner that could be a Filofax. In one scene a very large dog is slobbering and chewing on it (ouch!) - if you've seen that part I'm sure you cringed as I did!

    Oceans 13 - Ellen Barkin's character is carrying what could be an A5 Classic in the hot pink color.

    Also, in 27 Dresses... I think she is actually carrying a red Topaz?? I think I might need to watch it again to get my second opinion :)


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