09 October 2009

Free For All Friday No. 47

So we are approaching the middle of October, the leaves are changing rapidly here in UK. My friends in France are still boasting about how warm it is with them. So are any of our readers approaching their Spring yet?

We are loving all of your comments and exchanges within the comments, also thanks to Jessica and Lisa of Filofax UK and US respectively for joining in too. I was thinking, I wonder how many other niche products are there that can boast such devoted customers, and such lively and healthy discussion....

One last request from me... tomorrow is the last chance to enter the Filofax Gift Box draw, the winner will be decided tomorrow afternoon (UK time).

So the floor is yours.....


  1. It's still disgustingly hot here. It's hard for me to realize it's fall and that the holidays are coming soon, because it still feels like the middle of summer!

  2. It's cool, cloudy and windy here on Long Island. It kind of fits all the Halloween decorations though. I know what you mean by being warm in France, Steve. For health reasons, My boyfriend's aunt and uncle were told to leave Yorkshire and settle in France for the change in climate.

  3. It is also still hot here in the spanish mediterranean coast! almost like a mild summer, yet quite rainy! I don't know how to dress anymore. One day you wake up and the sun is shining as bright as ever; the next it's pouring cats and dogs!! I had already put away my summer clothing in septembre, but have had to take it out again this week.
    You just can't believe it's october.
    Some say this means we'll have a very cold winter. ugh!