31 October 2009

Your Blogs?

If you have your own blog or website, and you occasionally do a blog post about Filofax, tell us about it.

Post the address of your blog/website in the comments of this post. I'm sure others would love to read your blogs.



  1. It's been on here a few times before but there's no harm in posting it again :D

  2. If French is not a problem:

    One can search "Filofax" to find the bunch of posts related ;-)

  3. I've done one post which was featured back on here at

    Will be doing more posts as I will soon be buying a new filofax and will be blogging even more about it!

    Yay! Great blog btw, thanks for all the advice!

  4. My Filofax obsession is one of the many things I blog about...

  5. I've wanted to have a Filo blog for quite a I finally do!

    feel free to drop by ;)