09 August 2009

Subscribing to Philofaxy

I've always said the best part of Philofaxy are its readers, who leave the most well thought-out and stimulating comments of any blog on the Web! But the problem has always been that the comments are hidden -- people who don't know to click through will never see them.

Fortunately, we now have a feature that lets you subscribe to our comments, as well as to the actual posts. You can then read them in your web browser's RSS viewer or a website like Google Reader or My Yahoo.

Scroll down and look to the left side of the page. Click the orange buttons for Posts and Comments and choose your preferred blog tracker from the menu.


  1. And if none of those 'readers' suit your needs... take a look at Protopage http://www.protopage.com

    I've been a user for about 4 years, it does lots of things and most of them really well.


  2. Yes, it does work! I have a separate "Filo" folder in my Google Reader with RSS feeds for the blog posts, the comments and the Flickr photo pool. This way, it's easy to see when posts to one of my favorite blogs are posted, wasting no time scrolling through my many, many feeds!