28 August 2009

Free for All Friday No. 41

By request, this week's suggested topic is digital pens.

For example, there's the new Logitech io2 digital pen. With this pen, and special paper, you can write or draw on paper and see your works appear on your computer screen. The paper has a pattern of tiny dots, which is how the pen knows what you're writing.

What's this got to do with Filofax? Filofax makes paper (called Anoto) for its A5 organizers that works with the Logitech (and also Nokia) digital pens. It lets you create a computerized duplicate of what you write in your Filofax.

Has anyone tried it?

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for posting this - I recently bought this exact pen, and it is WONDERFUL. I'd be so interested to know if anyone else uses a similar tool and how they use it.

    I do a lot of academic writing and I always struggle to start a new book on a blank Word page on the screen. There's something much more...organic about writing on paper, seeing all the crossings out and scribbled notes in the margin. However, up until now this has led to double the work, having to type it all up on the computer later to send off to the editor. This pen has changed my life! I write on the Filofax paper, and it transfers it very successfully onto the screen as soon as I get home. (This has the added bonus of being able to write whenever inspiration strikes, regardless of whether I have my laptop with me.)

    I also use this paper for my most important pages in the Filofax - this way I will always have an electronic back up of the most sensitive info, so if the worst happened and Filo went missing, there wouldn't be too much of a panic.

    Best thing about it - it cost £20 on Ebay for a brand new pen and all the trimmings! What a bargain!

    Anyone else?