21 August 2009

Free For All Friday: Confession Time

Happy Friday everybody, it's confession time!

It's time to spill: how many Filofaxes do you own? And, do they all have a purpose, or are some, shall we say, "for decorative purposes" only?

Here is my own confession: I have 4 Filos with #5 on its way to me now. Currently 3 are in active use, with one (soon to be two) in semi-retirement.

So now it's your turn to 'fess up! Or, if you don't feel like sharing, then just tell us what's new in your Filofax life these days.


  1. Just saw on Flickr gcm1066's new photo of the Filofax Organizer Stickers, now available on the Filofax US website! Also available now on Filo US is the 2010 A5 Family Organizer. I sure wish they'd get all the other Lifestyle Packs!

  2. Me... Four organisers.. A5, 2 off Personal, Pocket... and four punches, Although the personal size one will be retired off soon... replaced by the one I reviewed earlier in the week here:

    Surprised there hasn't been more comments...

  3. Hi, my name is Yvonne and I am a Filo-holic!

    They say admitting it is the first step so...I have 13 Filofax's. More that are either designer or other brands but a baker's dozen actual Filo's.

    I currently use three: a Finchley A5 for my master/home diary, a personal Eton to cart around with me and a pocket Finsbury for my diet/workout data.

    The rest are simply because I am obsessed. There, I've said it!!

  4. Yvonne: LOL

    Finland (Europe)

  5. YM, if there is anyplace where people will understand your Filofax obsession, it is definitely here!

  6. I have my Cherry Finchley (which is my only actual Filo), then my little Lizell wallet/agenda and finally my beloved Planner Emeritus, which I carried for nearly 20 years before retiring it in favor of my Finchley. Oh, the guilt I felt when I retired the PE!! I finally assuaged my conscience by using it as a receptacle for the diary pages I scribble in the Finchley.

    I've contemplated getting a wallet type Finchley to replace the Lizell, which is getting a bit tired looking (not to mention the coin pocket fabric has holes in it so coins fall into the main body). I like the idea of having a coordinated set, but I'm not quite ready to give up the Lizell.

    YM, I do like the idea of having a separate Filo for my fitness data. I think I'll have to try that.

  7. Bags and wallets... another weakness of mine!

    Anybody bought any of the Filofax items:



  8. wow..this is so nice to find a place to feel less guilty..
    I have 3 personal ones in storage - mainly used for filing away to assauge the consience.. and have a fifth on the way as we speak! have given away 2 - and had one stolen.
    I currently use a Classic Personal and a Personal Slimline when I dont want to cart arourd the fat Classic !
    I also spend too much on fillers each year and yes like Steve have a great weakness for bags and wallets.

  9. Let's see, I have an old brown leather personal Kensington, which is still going stong after over eight years of service, an A5 identity (for 'special' projects) and an A5 Domino with the new Family Lifestyle pack.

    Oh and a personal storage folder for every year going back seven years (cf the Kensington's first year of use).

    I'm currently waiting on a new Personal Kendall thanks to the WHSmith sale and may (or may not) retire the Kensington....

  10. I have three Winchesters, one 5/4" & two 7/8" rings; a slimline something (3CL); a Lincoln and a Lyndhurst, all personal size plus a Credit Card holder (5PCL). They all get rotated as the whim takes me. And when they're out of use, they hold my archives.

    I also have a London Organiser (LO) Co. personal organiser & a filofax archive folder which are only used for archives. I bought the LO organiser by accident but have NEVER taken it outside!

    I think that the above, along with my many saved filofax searches on ebay, makes me a little obsessive, but I feel at home here :-)

  11. I've been reading this blog for a few months now, and love it.
    I have an A5 Graphic (burnt orange) for work and a Personal Chocolate Finchley which I carry everywhere with me.
    I have my eye on an A5 Brown Kendal... maybe a Christmas present to myself... ;)

  12. I've just won a fourth Winchester! This time a 7/8" in red.
    Sad, sad, sad :-)

  13. I have a total of 11 Filos:
    1 Domino pocket black, which I used to use when I didn't want to carry my personal size Filo but which has been replaced by my iPod Touch;
    1 Pocket Kendal in brown, which I was using as an exercise log but this has fallen by the wayside (too much work some days to keep track in a separate binder);
    all the rest are personal size:
    1 Richmond in dark green, 3 domino (red, brown and black), 1 Finchley in Jade, 1 Finsbury in light blue, 1 Classic in brown, and 1 Slimline Classic, also brown.
    I'm sure there will be more to add to the list at a later date...