14 August 2009

New Domino!

Here is my new Filofax Domino, which I will use as my self-made Scotland guidebook. I go to Scotland a few times per year and have accumulated a bookful of information pages, maps, and contacts. I think I will like using the Domino for this purpose. It is very light, and easy to carry. The vinyl cover wipes clean easily so I won't worry about it getting wet (it is Scotland after all, it's bound to get rained on!). I can stick papers in the strap on the outside cover for easy reference of where I'm going at the moment. And of course, I love the color!

The cover has a groove where the strap goes, which is actually really nice because it keeps the strap from rolling around on the cover. At first I didn’t think I would like the elastic strap, but once I realized the potential for sticking papers into it I suddenly do. Also, it allows for nearly-unlimited expansion and stuffing, unlike a snap. This is good, because the rings on the Domino are big so I expect I'll be cramming this book full!

I really like the look of the inside, with the light colored faux suede and the bright pink accents inside the pockets. The faux suede is nice to touch, too. The Domino came filled with a week to view calendar with July-Dec 2009 and all of 2010. It has tabbed dividers 1-6, address tabs and pages. It also has a world map, which is great, a top-loading clear envelope, which will be handy to tuck things into, and a few pages of colored paper and To Dos.

I didn't realize before that the Domino is geared for students. There are several pages included in the organizer that are very useful for students. There is a Timetable page, for writing in your class schedule. I think I will use this page in my daily planner Filofax to show things that happen at the same time every week. Another page for students, the Course Record, is for recording your grades in each class. I'll have to think of a use for this one too because I like it.

There is also a semi-annual calendar which I really like, it reminds me of the ones Quo Vadis planners have. This would be very useful for students to record exams, papers, and projects due throughout the school year. Anyone could use this for any kind of project or future planning. I use the pull-out year calendars for this purpose now, but I like this page style better.

All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase! I haven’t been able to bring myself to take out the pages yet and put in my Scotland stuff. It’s so clean and perfect right now! But after I get done playing with it, I will load my Scotland stuff into it and post more pictures on Flickr. Right now I have pictures on Flickr illustrating all the descriptions above, on the Philofaxy group, and also as my own set.


  1. My red pocket sized Domino saw me through Music college in my early 20s. I loved the durability of the design - felt like you could chuck in into your bag to rub alongside keys/ hairbrushes/ tuning forks etc (!) and not worry about doing too much damage to the beautiful cover. I used to do the same - tuck my map or directions into the elastic and keep it in my hand for reference...

    I think having a brand new Filo as a 'trip planner' is a great idea - I know that would actually make me plan properly as I'd want to keep opening it up and writing in it!

  2. I agree. It also makes the Lifestyle Travel Pack that much more enticing! So far I have resisted the urge to order one, but I still have my eye on it.

  3. Okay, I did the deed and loaded my Scotland pages into the Domino! Pics on Flickr.

  4. My very first Filofax was a domino (brown), which I still have and have acquired two others as well. Currently, they are all being used as storage binders, but I do love them, and after reading this post, I may be enticed to find an official use for them. The travel book is a great idea, but since I don't travel all that much (and when I do, it's usually by car), I'll have to find another creative way to put them to use.

  5. I use a blue personal Domino Filofax for work, and I love it. It sits opened-up under my computer monitor right in front of me so it's in plain sight. While it's made for students, I find that it suits adults for work as well with its sturdy cover, practical colors, and no-nonsense look. I also love the suede lining which adds a touch of class. Yes, it's also very handy when it comes to stuffing items inside!

    I have a pocket size Finchley for my personal use, but I would never use a Finchely for work (at least in my current job and position), as it looks a little too rich and expensive, if you know what I mean. I work in a rather down-to-earth industry and the trusty Domino suits just that!