12 August 2009

Week + Notes - Days

I love the week + notes format as my diary, because I usually don't have very many appointments on any given day, but I do have loads of tasks to do each week. The w + n lets me keep my To Do lists right in front of me so I don't forget.

My major complaint about Filofax's week + notes format is that the days of the week are in a million different languages. This considerably cramps the already small space. So, I took matters (and some white-out) into my own hands. Yes it's a little high-maintenance, but I love the less-cluttered look and that extra amount of space to write each day.


  1. Genius, man! What a simple solution for a frustrating problem.

  2. I totally agree, having the days in too many languages is simply annoying! Especially in the Pocket format, which is already small.