05 August 2009

The Postman Always Rings Twice

I think can understand now how people become shop-aholics, the thrill of ordering things and then the patient wait for the Postman to delivery your parcel. In my case one from Filofax UK.

At the weekend I sat down and created a largish order, well for me anyway, from the UK Filofax site. Their competitive shipping costs normally swings the deal for me. £0 for orders over £30 to UK addresses.

I patiently worked out the exact diary refills and year planners for my three main organisers I needed. I also ordered as you can see from the photo a few more goodies for my Pocket organiser. I have even been patient enough to take a photo before opening the packets!!

Sadly two items that arrived and not shown in the picture were the wrong items. The actual items that arrived were different by one digit in the reference numbers of the products. So I suppose it's an easy mistake to make.

However, I'm not complaining, because Filofax in UK make it very easy for you to exchange items and even supply an address label to their FreePost address for you to return the items. I've asked for the correct items (Personal two pages per week 2010 diary, and a Pocket horizontal 2010 year planner) to be despatched to me, in place of an A5 two page per week 2010 diary, and a Personal Single page per Week, plus Notes 2010 diary.


  1. Very nice, thanks for the photo!! I too am anxiously awaiting a package from Filofax UK. I ordered the personal size Family Organizer because I really like the diary format. However, I have a long wait ahead of me: It takes about a week to 10 days for UK parcels to reach my US address, then from there it's 3-4 weeks to reach me overseas. Filo UK dispatched my package on the 4th, so I'm hoping I will get it before my daughter starts school at the end of the month! With the new school year ahead of me, I'm going to need all the organization I can get!

    I frequently order things from the UK website that are not available in the US. Over the years, for some reason two of my envelopes have arrived opened and empty. I have no idea at what location this happened, but every time I have reported it to Filo UK they have been very nice and have replaced my items at no cost, which is excellent customer service.

    Steve I hope you get your correct items promptly!

  2. Hope your package arrives soon. Mine was also open... too many things in a single package, but 12 items, but 2 the wrong item.

    I had an extended upwrapping and inserting in to binders session earlier on! Back to bulging again!

    I've put some of the Pocket ones in my desk tray, not enough space.


  3. LOVE the UK Filo website! I just received my special edition Personal with the Swarovski crystals. Will post pictures to the Flikr group when I get home from work.

    The shipping from the UK to the US was entirely reasonable, so no doubt I will be placing another order soon for those items that aren't on the US site....like the organizer stickers...they intrigue me!

  4. Speaking of the postman, I'm still waiting for my order from Filofax UK, which I placed on July 15. I wasn't expecting it to take quite this long!

  5. Oh my gosh, YM, I just looked at the pics of your new special edition with the Swarovski crystals!! Beautiful! I would so love to have one, but I'm afraid it's not to be. I am however waiting for a raspberry Finsbury A5 to arrive. I am running out of room in my personal Piazza so decided to upgrade to a larger size.

  6. YM: can't wait to see pics of your Swarovski! How will you use it? Will it be your wallet/ go-everywhere Filo? Do you still carry your A5 everywhere? I am really curious how you incorporate your A5 and smaller Filos and how you use each separately and together. I am trying to figure out a similar situation.

    Inky: Oh no, that bodes ill for any prompt delivery of my UK order. I was just wondering yesterday if you had gotten your Lifestyle Pack (which one did you order?), and your Swarovski. And, will those two items merge, or will you use them separately? I want to hear all about it, and I hope your order arrives soon!

    D, I also want to hear all about your upgrade to A5 size. I'm constantly in a battle with myself between portability and page size, and I love to hear how people work out this issue.

    Very exciting new arrivals and things on the way!

  7. YM, just looked at your pics, the Swarovski is beautiful!!

  8. You will be pleased to know that there is a happy ending to my story... The postman delivered the correct Pocket year planner and Personal 2010 diary today...

    My personal organiser needs to go on a diet before I will be able to add in next years diary though!