31 August 2009

Filofax sighting: Russian Dolls

I recently saw the movie Russian Dolls, and was pleasantly surprised to see what looked like a well-used Filofax being used, all too briefly, by the main character Xavier. He also used Moleskine notebooks at various times throughout the movie. Perhaps most fascinating was during a scene where he was on the phone, he needed to write down a date. He opened his Filofax, which had nested inside it a small Moleskine notebook, and it was inside the Moleskine that he wrote the date! I wanted to pause the movie and have a conversation with Xavier about how exactly he uses his Filofax and his Moleskine together! And perhaps most fascinating, as he flipped through his Filo, there were several pages with obvious writing on them but of course I couldn't tell what was written. I'm even fascinated by movie prop Filos!

In case you have never heard of Russian Dolls, it is the sequel to the movie L'Auberge Espagnole, which I also liked very much.

I know there must be many more movies where a Filofax makes an appearance. Of course there is the legendary movie "Filofax" (which I think was called something like Taking Care of Business in the US) that has been discussed on this blog several times. Also a year or two ago there was a movie, I think the title was 27 Dresses, where the main character relies on, and loses, her Filofax.

What other movies/ films do you know of where a Filofax makes an appearance?


  1. An old TV series on BBC TV called Only Fools and Horses, featuring David Jason as 'Del Boy Trotter' sort of an East End of London 'Trader' was seen using a Filofax, but this was a prop more than any thing else and it was in the late 1980's the era of the Yuppie.


  2. How about songs.... The Righteous Mothers did a song back in 2002, called 'Please Don't Bury me with My Filofax'

    I've only heard the 30 second preview on iTunes, it's not in my collection!


  3. The first season of the French crime series "Engrenages" ("Spiral" in the UK) prominently features a pink A5 Filofax, either a Classic or Cross. It's the murder victim's diary, full of contact info for wealthy and politically prominent clients, and it gets plenty of air time.