03 August 2009

Filofax Compatible: Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a Korean company that sells products to expatriates living in the States -- kitchen and bathroom goods, car accessories, clocks, origami paper and crayons, keychains, greeting cards, and (of interest to us Philofaxers) school supplies. The supplies include pencils, pens, and pencil cases; scissors and tape; paper, and so on. It's all adorned in kawaii (cute) Asian style with pastel cartoon characters in like teddy bears and kittens.

In California and the New York/New Jersey area, you can find Morning Glory shops. Elsewhere in the U.S., you can order from http://morninggloryus.com. (Sadly, shipping is within the U.S. only.)

Morning Glory has calendar, notepaper, and address book refills in B6 (Personal Filofax) and Mini (Pocket Filofax) sizes. They're a little hard to find, so here's the link: http://www.morninggloryus.com/OnlineStore/tabid/58/cid/30/Diaries.aspx.

It looks as if Morning Glory may be cutting down on its online offerings, so go snatch some up if you're interested. And if you're near one of the retail stores, please let us know what goodies you've been seeing!

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  1. thank you, thank you for this link! i have been looking for these types of refills. used to live in san francisco and could find fun refills at the many japanese stationary stores. now in miami, and can't find anything fun.